A Transformational 21-Day Healing Journey

Starts December 1, 2020

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21-Day Healing Program December 2020


Give yourself a fresh start this winter and join the already successful The 21-Day Healing Program with Zoë!

Thousands of people in Scandinavia have gone through this program already and we are now offering it internationally.

For 21 days you will receive one healing session per day wherever you are in the world. Zoë gives the healing sessions remotely and works with purifying, strengthening, balancing and upgrading your energy system by using high frequencies and Nordic Light Healing™.

You can choose to receive your healing when it best fits you – during the day when you are awake or during the night, when you are sleeping.

This journey is for those of you who desire a big change in your life, on all levels – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

If you wish to go through a deep purification process, get assistance to strengthen your physical health, clear old karma and raise your vibration, we invite you to be part of this transformative rebirth.


Welcome the New You!

“I want to thank you for these weeks. I’ve really felt that there’s been a lot of things happening within me, stirring up old feelings that quickly disappeared. Now after the third week I feel better than I have in a long time and I’m sleeping so much better. Unbelievable!”


Solna, Sweden

“Many thanks for these amazing weeks! On the second day, the Christ Energy was immensely strong. I’ve never felt anything like that before and I slept 3 hours afterwards. Additionally, I’ve stopped drinking coffee. Big hugs to you and all your co-workers in the heavenly realm.”

Paula Emanuelsson

Stora Hoga, Sweden

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful journey. I feel such an inner gratitude to myself, a strong inner love and light, and I now respect my life choices. Feels like my manifestations happen faster and easier.”


Skovde, Sweden

Zoë introduces The 21-Day Healing Program

December 2020

Zoë goes into detail about the schedule and theme for this round of the 21-Day Healing. At the end of the video you get a chance to try the healing energy during a 10 min session.

Special Offer!


US$155 for all 21 days

(original price US$255, value of US$ 2 550)


Offer valid until November 25, 2020! 


  • You get healing every day for 21 days!
  • You get your own Member’s Page
  • You get access to a private members-only Facebook group
  • You get support in the process
  • You can repeat the program as many times as you wish! The healing energy is just as powerful!
  • You get a free guided Heart Meditation (mp3) ca 5 min

Extra Tools! (buy separately)

  • The 533 Crystal Pendant – Programmed with The Golden Frequency (and/or use another clear quartz crystal, which is not programmed)


Offer valid until November 25, 2020. After that the price increases to US$255.

Cancellation policy: No refunds!

Offer expires in...








“Thank you for the 21-Day Healing. I’m almost 80 years old and during this program I was able to get rid of the dizziness I have. I think I also got one heart valve fixed and an improved pancreas!”
Monica Samuelsson

Farsta, Sweden

Thank you for 21 absolutely wonderful days! On the last day, I felt sad that “it was over” and decided to ask if I could get a new 21-day healing sometime this fall – and yes, it was possible. Looking forward to the next round!”
Birgitta Engdahl

Kristianstad, Sweden

“I want to thank you enormously for this journey! I never wanted it to end. It was so wonderful to feel the serenity, safety and love, that I felt during this healing. Difficult things have come up, but I felt as if I had to heal a lot and I did.”
Susanne Jonsson

Stockholm, Sweden

Healing theme for December 2020

Lightworkers Unite

– Deep Trust and Activation of the Light Grid

This 21-day Healing Program combines the last two 21-day healing programs that Zoë facilitated in Scandinavia: Deep Trust – Restoration of the Trust Link and Connecting in Unity – Activation of the Light Network.

We start the program with an in-depth process whereby you establish a Deep Trust in all aspects of life. You awaken, receive and integrate calm and holding energies at the cellular level. You are held in deep rest, and you let go and surrender to the highest good. You allow the power of trust to come into you and carry you forward.

Your inner child is allowed to rest in a circle of love, and you land in the depths of your spiritual essence, trust in yourself, life, mother earth, your cosmic helpers, your Ascension team, and God.

You then undergo four powerful activations from Zoë’s Twin Flame, who is on the other side: activation of the 3rd eye (the pineal gland) and connection to the 11th gate, activation of new chakras, activation of new nodes in your energy system, and crystal body activation. New nodes and chakras inside and outside the body will activate your energy system, and strong energies flushing through it will expand it. You have the opportunity to strengthen your individual light network, your light body and your sovereignty.

When your own light network is activated, expanded, switched on and strengthened, we connect the entire light network for all lightworkers to the Golden Light Network.

After this interconnection of the entire Lightworker Network, the codes in The Golden Frequency are then transmitted. NOTE: All codes are available now!

After this transmission, several powerful cleanings, clearings, and upgrades occur, and the energy network is strengthened. When we go through this experience together enormously powerful energy charges occur.

In this high-vibrating state and with the help of the strong Lightworkers Network, we have the opportunity to make a quantum leap and lift ourselves and the people of the earth to a whole new level.

This 21-day healing aims to unite and reconcile us beyond our ego and our different opinions within the Lightworkers’ Community. Through this process, we stabilize the Power of Light that we have in common and connect ourselves in Unity (Oneness) in order to enable the Great Shift—in each of us and collectively.

We also get the opportunity to disconnect from any remaining dark forces in our energy systems that hinder us in our Ascension and our light work.

This process is a preparation for The Event, i.e. the large energy wave or some smaller energy waves, that will be washed over the earth.

Your Ascension team, consisting of ascended masters and beings from other civilizations among others, are with you throughout the journey.

In brief, this 21-Day Healing Program includes:
– Deep Trust
– Restoration of the Trust Link
– Your Inner Child in the Circle of Love
– Held by Source
– Deep Rest
– Core Breathing
– Powerful Activations
– Upgrades
– Strengthening your Sovereignty
– Connection to the Golden Light Network


Active Participation

1. The Heart Meditation (mp3)  – 5 minute guided meditation (included in the program)

2. Core Breathing (exercise) 5-20 minutes – Zoë provides instructions in the introduction video

3. Sovereignty with Tapping (exercise) – Zoë provides instructions in the introduction video and further information can be found on your Members Page and in your Welcome Letter


Extra Tools

In the 21-Day Healing Program you can use the following extra tools. Using them is voluntary and nothing you have to do in order to get all the healing benefits. Zoë explains more about this in the introduction video.

The 533 Crystal Pendant – Programmed with The Golden Frequency (and/or use another clear quartz crystal, which is not programmed)

Member’s Page

You get access to your own member’s page, where all information about the program is included, e.g. the introduction video, the schedule, the feedback videos and the Q&A section. 

You find a link with a password to your Member’s Page in your order confirmation.

Feedback Videos

After each week of the 21-Day Healing Program, Zoë connects with you through a Feedback video in which  she answers questions and gives feedback on the previous week. This video will be emailed to you every Tuesday. You will also find it on the Member’s Page.

Note! Zoë’s team will be answering your questions until December 22, 2020.


Facebook Group

As a participant in the program you are welcome to join our private Facebook group, 21-Day Healing Program with Zoë Devi, where we share daily posts about the schedule.  You are welcome to share your experiences, interact with the other participants and ask questions directly to Zoë’s team. Don’t worry if you don’t have Facebook. You will also get all the information in the feedback emails we will send out throughout the 21 days. 



Starts December 1, 2020

Note! The Schedule below may be adjusted if Zoë receives other information that is better for the group.

Day 1 Settle and Rest – Your Inner Child is Held in the Love Circle

Day 2 Rest Inward – Deep Inner Rest

Day 3 Trust in Your Inner Guidance – The Compass of the Heart

Day 4 Rest with Your Cosmic Helpers

Day 5 Rest with Mother Earth

Day 6 Surrender to the Highest Good

Day 7 Trust Your Own Inner Strength

Day 8 The Restoration of Your Trust Link to Source

Day 9 Activation 3rd Eye – Pineal Gland – 11th Gate

Day 10 Activation of New Chakras

Day 11 Activation of New Nodes in Your Energy System

Day 12 Crystal Body Activation

Day 13 Flush Healing

Day 14 Reinforcement and Stabilization of Your Light Network

Day 15 Strengthen Your Sovereignty

Day 16 Connect to the Global Golden Light Network

Day 17 Transmission of The Golden Frequency

Day 18 Connect to the Star Family

Day 19 The Lightworkers Network – Purification, Upgrading and Reinforcement

Day 20 The Lightworkers Network – Purification, Upgrading and Reinforcement

Day 21 The Lightworkers Network Lifts the Whole Earth and Its People into the Power of Love

“A big thank you Zoë for these amazing and turbulent weeks! I’m so grateful for these 21 days and it feels like a fresh new start in my life.”
Solveig Olars


“I would like to thank you so very much for these amazing 3 weeks! I have been so deeply affected by this energy, and I want to learn more!!! I’d like to take one of your workshops as soon as possible!”
Monica Svanberg

Hjaltevad, Sweden

“Thank you for all the healing energies! The greatest thing was the unconditional love-day with Mary Magdalene and when I heard your voice. Amazing! ”

Fellingsbro, Sweden

The 21-Day Healing Program – How does it work?

You receive your healing for one hour each day, either in the morning, during the day or at night (when you sleep).

Simply lie down, open up and receive.

This healing is individualized to suit your personal needs and you will receive what is best for you right now.

You will also be assigned a personal Healing Team from the heavenly realms, that will assist you during the entire process.

You suggest you drink a lot of water and rest more than usual during this period as your whole body is changing and is upgraded to a new version of you.

In the Q&A video, Zoë explains everything you need to know about the 21-Day Healing Program.

This is how it works


  • Before you start, please set an intention for the entire 21-days.
  • It can be a general intention or more specific.
  • If your intention is reached before the process is over, you can set a new one.
  • The reason for this is to get you to actively participate in the process by setting an intention.

The Heart Meditation

  • You will receive the Heart Meditation in the Welcome Letter, which you find in your order confirmation.
  • Zoë recommends you to do the Heart Meditation every day throughout this process.
  • Don’t listen to the meditation during the healing hour.


  • Reduce or stop your intake of coffee, sugar, alcohol, meat, tobacco and similar substances during the program.
  • The cleaner your body is the easier it is for the energies to integrate in your body and energy system.
  • Do not receive healing if you are under the influence of alcohol or other drugs!

During the healing

  • You decide yourself when you want to start the 21-Day Healing Program. We have a start date for the program but it’s ok if you start at a late date as well. The healing is just as powerful.
  • You open up to receive the healing once a day when most suitable for you (during the day or when you sleep at night).
  • Each healing session lasts for about one hour but please give yourself another 30 minutes in order to slowly come back and to reflect on the healing. 
  • You can receive your healing sessions at different times each day. If you do this, let the time between the sessions be as long as possible in order to fully integrate the energies. For example, if you receive your healing at night, then don’t receive the following session in the morning, but later that day instead.
  • You dont need to tell Zoë what time or day you choose to receive and start the healing program.
  • Do all the sessions one after another according to the schedule. If you miss a day just resume the healing where you dropped off even if you get behind schedule. Don’t skip days!! Try not to take too many breaks and days off as it interferes with the process.
  • Turn off your cell phone, wi-fi, TV and other electronic devices so you can be completely undisturbed during the session.
  • Lie down comfortably.
  • Have a blanket close to you as you might get cold during the session especially during the detoxing and cleansing days.
  • Simply open up and receive the healing. You don’t have to say or do anything special.
  • Be in a quiet room or if you prefer, put on some relaxing music.
  • Recommended music: “Adrift” or “Ascension” by Christopher Lloyd Clarke or other songs by the same artist. Whale Song or Whale Sound. Available for download on Spotify.

Your healing team

  • You have your own Healing Team working with you during the 21-Day Healing program.
  • The Healing Team comes from different higher realms to assist you in the healing process. They consist of healing masters, angels and light entities from other civilizations.

After the healing

  • Drink more water than usual, especially during the cleansing days.
  • Make sure to rest more than usual in order to let the energies work thoroughly through your body.
  • Set a side time for reflection between sessions. Take notes on what happened during the sessions (if you remember) and what happens within you in between sessions.
  • During this program feelings, thoughts, events, situations, people and blocks that have resided within you might surface to be cleansed, processed, forgiven and let go. Keeping track of what’s happening might make it easier for you to process and heal these “issues”.
  • During the program you may also receive guidance about your next step in life, etc.

Share your journey with us

  • If you wish to share your journey, please send an e-mail to contact@zoeland.org and we’ll answer as soon as possible. We are happy to follow your process.
  • If you have any general questions about the healing program, please email us.
  • Zoë is unable to provide any private psychic reading or coaching. That is not included in the program.
  • Note! Zoë will answer your questions and share your reflections during the LIVE webinar once a week. No names are ever revealed. We protect your privacy and if you don’t want your letter to be shared publicly, please let us know.


  • It’s important that you have a positive attitude and belief about the healing process in order for it to work.


  • Zoë does not give any guarantees regarding healing of specific ailments or diseases.
  • The 21-day Healing sessions do not treat specific ailments, diseases or health problems. Rather they aim to restore balance on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Therefore, Zoë does not make any promises, guarantees, and/or assurances about specific healing results or recovery. Do not stop taking any medication or give up other medical treatments without your doctor’s recommendation. Zoë is not a doctor and you are solely responsible for your own medical care.


How does the healing work?

  • Please check out this video: Q&A 21-Day Healing Program, where Zoë thoroughly explains how the program works.
  • Also be sure to watch the Nordic Light Healing™ information video, where Zoë explains how her healing works.

How does Zoë transfer the healing energies?

  • We are all energies and interconnected through a universal energy network and Zoë transmits energies through this network. She connects to everyone simultaneously and works in parallel by splitting her consciousness so that she works multi-dimensionally on each person. In this way, the healing is individually tailored.
  • Each person is assigned a Healing Team of high frequency guides and entities (your main guide, angels, masters, entities from other civilizations, etc.), who work according to your specific needs and for the highest good.
  • A lot of Christ Energy usually comes through when Zoë works. Zoë also often works with the Unconditional Love Energy and the Ascension Frequencies. Other energies that come through are soothing, enriching, purifying, balancing and grounding.

How do I open up?

  • Imagine that you hug someone you love and open your heart.

What can I experience?

  • During the sessions you may experience cold, heat, drowsiness, tingling, vibrations, energies sweeping through the body, etc.
  • You may experience flickering, sweating, chills, palpitation and excessive swallowing.
  • You can experience both light pain and pleasant sensations.
  • You may see colors and pictures (which may be guiding messages for you), and memories may come to the surface.
  • You may feel dizzy and nauseous.
  • You may start laughing, crying, etc. Let what needs to happen happen. Do not resist.
  • Some people may feel a lot, while some do not feel much at all or nothing. The healing works regardless.
  • Afterwards, it is common to feel lighter, happier and more vibrant. Pain, injuries and diseases can be healed. Old emotions, trauma and pain, which need to be processed, may be reawakened.
  • You may also experience fatigue and detox symptoms.
  • Have faith that everything happens for the highest good of all and that you’re taken good care of.
  • Let yourself Be With What Is.

Can I receive healing during the night?

  • Yes, the healing works even if you receive it at night when you sleep.
  • Please do some extra meditations during the day if you want to be more active in the process.
  • You decide what is best for you.
  • The healing is just as strong and effective regardless of when you receive it.

When should I not receive the healing?

  • Do not receive the healing if you are under the influence of alcohol or any other drugs. Lighter medicines are ok.

Can I take a break from the program?

  • Please do all of the 21-days in a row without interruptions in order to experience the most effective result.
  • Should you forget a day or need to take a break due to other commitments or travels, it is ok. Just resume the program where you left off. Do not skip any day and do the sessions in the right order!
  • Don’t take too many breaks as it disturbs the healing process.

What is my responsibility during the healing process?

  • Your responsibility and participation in the process is a very important part of your healing.
  • The 21-Day program offers more possibilities for healing if you are active in the process.
  • You are solely responsible for your own health and self-healing while Zoë does her best to support you. Zoë does not provide any promises, warranties and/or assurances regarding specific healing or recovery. Zoë advises you to continue taking medications or any other medical treatments and to speak to your doctor for further advice. Zoë is not a doctor and you are solely responsible for your own medical care.
  • You have the opportunity to change yourself and your health situation!
  • Never have expectations about a healing session. Instead, set an intention about what you want to happen, but take into account that things may happen during the healing process that you didn’t expect.
  • What you need and what you get out of the process is very individual. In the beginning your health might decline and later on improve. Some people heal instantly while others may get worse at first. If you get worse, it may be detoxification symptoms. This might also be a signal from you body to pay more attention to your illness, condition, injury or problem and an opportunity for you to better understand it. In this case, your homework is to find out what caused the imbalance, ailment or disease? What does this tell you? There is always a reason why something happens. Maybe you need to slow down, love yourself more, not be a victim, prioritize yourself, re-write spiritual contracts, etc.
  • Everything can be restored and healed. Don’t give up!

Should I stop taking my medication?

  • No, continue to take your medication as your doctor has prescribed.
  • If you want to stop taking your medications, talk to your doctor first and find out what works best for you.
  • If you still wish to stop taking medications, you do it at your own risk, and it is your own responsibility.

The 21-Day Program with Nordic Light Healing™

This is Zoë’s “own” healing modality, where she uses extremely high vibrating and strong energies.  Zoë collaborates with different masters, angels and entities from other civilizations.

By cleansing, purifying, strengthening and rebuilding the clients energy system, she creates a new energy template or blueprint for the physical body to adjust itself to.

Zoë has over the years used Nordic Light Healing™ with great success, from minor ailments to various physical illnesses, such as cancer, severe injuries resulting from car accidents, herniated disc, urinary tract infections, fractures, eczema and Lyme disease.

Zoë can also influence, change and transform mental, emotional and spiritual conditions by transforming negative thoughts, removing cellular memories, rewriting soul contracts and breaking energy cords to events and people, in present life or in past incarnations.

In the first video Zoë tells you about her healing modality.

In the second video you can enjoy Zoë´s powerful energy transmission of Nordic Light Healing™.

Read more about Nordic Light Healing™ HERE.

“My desire for candy and sweets has disappeared, it´s gone and I can go into a store without wanting chocolate or chips. For me it’s huge not to be a slave to sugar anymore. My body feels different and I lost a few pounds. My body is slimmer and I feel lighter, it’s wonderful!
My work is to read tarot cards and I’ve noticed that I now receive more detailed information from higher realms. I could not be happier about this. Thank you, thank you, wonderful Zoë! “

Lotta Kaliff

Kumla, Sweden

“I am truly grateful for everything you do and for sharing yourself and your light! I’ve started a journey within myself and it’s all thanks to you!”


Stockholm, Sweden

“After the second round of the 21-day Healing I attended, the ache I had from my rheumatism disappeared and it is still gone. Feels so good! Thank you Zoë! You’ve helped me start my healing journey. Looking forward to the next time 21-day Healing starts again.”

Asa Eriksson

Alunda, Sweden

Wow! Thank you so much Zoë for this beautiful and awakening healing. Now I feel life is returning again.”

Susanne Larsson

Stockholm, Sweden

“I thank you from the depth of my heart for everything you do and did during these weeks. I perceive you as clear, precise and warm. You’re very humble, trustworthy and encouraging. Qualities I really appreciate. The group meditation we had at the end was very energetically powerful for me and so beautiful.”

Maivor Stigengreen

Markaryd, Sweden

“A warm thank you for the 21-Day Healing! A lot of different things have come up. Some days adversity and some days flow. I have embraced whatever has come and gone. I’ve stayed in my heart, as much as possible and been in contact with my spiritual guide. Thank you for doing this for us.”

Irja Paasila

Riala, Sweden

Feedback videos

21-Day Healing Program December 2020

After each week of the 21-Day Healing Program, Zoë connects with you through a Feedback video answering questions and giving feedback on the previous week.

After week 1

Scheduled for December

After week 2

Scheduled for December

After week 3

Scheduled for December


The 21-day Healing sessions do not treat specific ailments, diseases or health problems, but aims to restore balance on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Therefore, Zoë does not make any promises, guarantees, and/or assurances concerning specific healing results or recovery, from the session. Do not stop taking any medication or give up other medical treatments without your doctor’s recommendation. Zoë is not a doctor and you are solely responsible for your own medical care.

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