The third 3-3-3 portal will open on Thursday March 21st 2019 (2+1:3:2+0+1+9)

This is the most powerful 3-3-3 portal this year. Together with the Supermoon it creates a very important cosmic event where the door between our dimension and other dimensions will open up and massive energies will pour in to create the New for our world. Creation is in focus for the number three and it gives us the opportunity to co-create on the collective plane in collaboration with the higher spheres and the higher wisdom of unconditional love, which resides there.

The 3-3-3 portal is the portal of Co-creation. We are getting connected with the energies in the higher dimensions, which opens up for a more powerful transformation on the Earth.

I, Zoë, together with the Galactic Federation of Light ask you to participate in this co-creation between worlds by setting high and powerful intentions for the collective. The most important is to visualize peace, co-operation and connection in love and respect, heart to heart, between humans. Visualize that the highest Good penetrates the old structures where greed and power struggles prevail. Use the power of Light and Love, and let it transform the darkness to Light. Be Light. Be Love.

Co-creation with our Star Families

The Grid of the Earth (the energy network) will be connected to the grids of our Star Families during this portal opening. The energy networks of our and their civilizations will open up and connect to each other. The energies will weave and merge together to create a larger Grid of co-creation. This will both stabilize the network of the earth to prepare for future raises of the energies. It also opens up for more collaboration between civilizations, especially in the form of information exchange.

In the opening of the 3-3-3 portal a connection with mostly Sirius and to some extent Arcturus, will be established.  This connection aims to an increased collaboration when it comes to new technology for Free Energy.

The Signal has gone out to the Universe saying that humanity now takes their responsibility for the environmental mess on this planet. The critical mass has been reached due to the latest mass demonstrations pressuring the politicians to change. This cry for help opens up for a closer collaboration with our Star Families regarding Free Energy.

What is a portal opening?

The astrological and numerological events create sophisticates codes to open up the doors between dimensions. It is like a four digit code giving you access to a building. The different alignments create codes to open different channels where we can access information and light.

The start for this portal opening happens on the Spring Equinox on March 20th, when we metaphorically speaking are seeding the New. The astrological year ends and we are entering a new year. The stream of powerful energies will mostly be on March 21st together with the Supermoon, but will of course continue several days after. When the connection of the Grids is established, we have stepped up to another level in our evolution.

Make sure to take it easy during these days, rest, go out in nature and drink lots of water, to integrate the energies. I encourage you to also open up for communication with the higher realms and how you can collaborate more with them.

Light meditation on Thursday March 21st at 8-8.15 PM CET

We gather in the ethers to connect with the energies and to set high and good intentions together. Participate from where you are.

With Love,