I’m going upstairs and into my Temple, where I do yoga and meditate. With certain steps, and as usual, I grab the framed pic of Jesus from the altar, to put it in my wardrobe. The broker will come today and look at the house. But, I’m thinking … What am I doing?! Should I let the shame win again ?! Ashamed of myself and of who I really am. The fear of what others will think about me. That they think I’m strange.
I realize that the fear is always there in the background. For example, I do not dare to invite neighbors … What should they think when they read the spiritual quotes on the walls?
Still I´m driving around in my car with the website and my logotype on it, wanting others to come to me and enjoy my beautiful work, but… Fear.
 I stand with the Jesus pic in my hand and think “no today the shame and fear will not win” … the tears come and I come up with a bunch of apologies in my head. “Well I’m not religious or anything, but Jesus is like a role model for me. He did so many good things you know..l. ” 
No, today, the Jesus pic will remain without excuses or explanations. A small step to step out of the spiritual wardrobe. Not only in the spiritual community, but also in so-called “common” contexts.
 Do you recognize yourself?