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Zoë writes about her “unusual” experiences and her energy work that open up the natural elements of spirituality for the modern man in everyday life. Zoë freely shares her wisdom to help you live a magical life where YOU are your own guru. Zoë is a leading example of the exciting times of great change we live in, and challenges you to think in new ways and significantly step outside the box.


Welcome to Zoë’s World!

Zoë is guest starring The Starforce show

Zoe is the guest star on The Starforce Show this coming 3 episodes.

In the first episode Zoe talks about her book with Jack Canfield.

Jack has celebrated Zoe’s concept Be an Attractive Magnet and Soul Vibration Marketing and said that …

“This is what was missing in The Secret”

Zoe explains what he meant by that. See all episodes HERE!

Spring is here!

Spring is here!!! 😃 🌱 Finally I can work outside again. Preparing for my workshop in Soul Vibration Marketing next week-end.
See you in Stockholm for the first workshops!! ❤️ ❤️

Never miss an update again!

We all have our favourites in life. I have my favourite authors and speakers and Im sure you have yours. Amazon has a new Follow-button where you can follow your favourite authors and get updates on workshops, new books, blog posts and other cool stuff. Everything in one place! Please follow my author page on amazon.

How to cure the incurable

Read about my friend Lisette’s way to cure the “incurable”!

When Lisette Therner got diagnosed with rheumatism, she was sentenced to a life in chronic pain and stiffness, but she refused to believe that the disease was incurable. Today she regards herself as well due to a change in diet and ayurvedic treatments.



Oprah on my vision board

My two favorite mentors Jack Canfield and Oprah Winfrey! 😃 I have written a book together with one of them and the other I’m looking forward to meet!
“You have the capacity to have anything you can possibly dream of!”

Ask Zoë in Inspire

Ask Zoë column in the latest issue of Inspire Magazine 💛
Zoë writes about following your Soul´s Purpose and how you find it.

My kind of cold

My kind of winter… 😃 😎 🌴 I could get used to these beaches. First LA and now this. Hmmm…difficult choice.

New recording is out

Zoë´s concept Be an Attractive Magnet™ for Love has been praised by Jack Canfield from The Secret.‬ ‪“This is what was missing in The secret”, Jack Canfield. ‬
Try it and see what you like. ➡️ ‪https://zoeland.org/webshop

Hello Fear and Self-doubt!

Hello Fear and Self-doubt!

It has been a long time since we talked. Hope you’re doing well and not mad now that I’m getting more and more visible in the media. If you feel like sneeking up on me again, please do so and you will receive a lot of love from me.

Big hug Zoë

A walk on the beach

A beautiful walk on the beach is 👣 my meditation. 🌴 People come up to me and ask what I do to stay young. I tell them it is my yoga and meditation that I have been doing every day for 20 years.

More glamor in my life!

This week GALA magazine chose to highlight my work. A funny thing was, on the same page as the article about me, was an article about Carola and her daughter who is also named Zoë. It was Carola who made me choose music, that led me to compete for the Eurovision song contest, just like her.

Universe always has it ways.

Happy Friday!

Zoë ♥ ️ ♥ ️😘

Be the star of your life!

On January 25th, it was time for my release party at Warfvet in Stockholm to celebrate my and Jack Canfield’s success book “Mastering the Art of Success”, that became a Best Seller in the United States, ranked #6 on Amazon! In September, I received my Best-Selling Author Award.

Jack has sold over 500 million books worldwide and is known for the film “The Secret”, The Oprah Winfrey Show, and is named in the Guiness Records Book, having the same day had seven books on the New York Times Best Selling List. In the book I write a chapter about my success concepts Be an Attractive Magnet ™ and Soul Vibration Marketing. I also share my journey of following my soul’s truth and achieving success, in terms of well-being.

I also released the new CD Soul Vibration Marketing, that is, the success concept I used to build up my entire business.

Super moon eclipse

🌟LIGHTWORKERS🌟 We gather on tuesday to stabilize, and spread calm and harmony, before the energy shift in conjunction with the Super Blue Moon Eclipse the day after.
Join my Facebook LIVE broadcast on my swedish facebook page Zoë Lightworker on January 30 at 8:39 PM, wherever you are.
Please invite other Lightworkers and Spread the word!
Love to all,

The perfect winter weather

The perfect winter!☀️🌴 Coming from freezing Sweden, I took a short break and found the perfect winter weather in Portugal. Beautiful Life!! 😃 👏🏻 🌴 ☀️ 💃🏼

Happy New Year!

2018 – Here We Come!!! 😃 💪🏻 🌟 🌈 😍 I wish you all the best for the new year! ❤️

Christmas wishes

🌟 Wishing you all a Beautiful Christmas 🌟
Please share with your loved ones.🌟

Check out Awakening University

Preparing for an exciting launch in 2018 with my friend BenArion and Awakening University!!! 😃 👏🏻 👏🏻 👏🏻 In english this time. 😍 To learn more visit https://awakeninguniversity.net

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