Zoë lives by her own recipe for success

Free Magazine, Issue 5, 2017


Zoë raised herself from playing the role of a victim to teach others to live their full potential. Free talked to Zoë about her own journey, to step into your highest potential and her exciting collaboration with Jack Canfield from The Secret. She talks about her success concept Be an attractive Magnet and Soul Vibration Marketing, which she writes about in the book “Mastering the Art of Success“, together with Jack Canfield et al.

Zoë inspires others by, despite adversities, living the example of fulfilling her dreams. Today she is working to help others stand in their full power.

“It’s easy to put spiritual teachers on a pedestal and treat them like gurus, which are completely unattainable. Instead I see myself as an inspiration who share my own experience of having gone from the victim to stepping into my full power and consciously creating my life, thus making others grow.

In Mastering the Art of Success, Zoë writes about her childhood and how it was growing up with psychic abilities. School years were tough with a lot of bulling.

“I was an outcast for many, many years. Going to school, year after year, and not knowing if someone would talk to me or not, was tearing. I learned to adapt and, above all, reduce myself. Became an expert of turning myself into the person others thought I should be. The price I paid was that I completely lost contact with myself.


“If you live your passion, you will live your soul’s longing and you will automatically be supported.”


The long way back to myself and my own truth began when I was 26 years old. I had been depressed for a long time but came to a point where I faced a choice. Either I throw in the towel or I do something amazing of my life. It was in conjunction with that I took the name Zoë, which means life. I chose life! It was then my personal and spiritual journey took off. My journey back to my own inner power, which I had lost.

In the course of the bullying, a soul journey had taken form within Zoë that could not be stopped.

“I came closer and closer to my own truth, which resulted in me packing up in 2011, moving from the capital of Stockholm to the small island Oland. I resigned from my job as a laboratory assistant at Karolinska, sold my apartment and bought a house. My soul cried out from within and I could only listen. I threw myself into the unknown. So, I jumped off the hamster wheel and focused 100 percent on my own.

After only six months, my company was self-sufficient. It’s quite uncommon for it to be that quick. Normally a startup takes about two years to be up and running. When I followed the truth of my heart, the red carpet rolled out and my success was a fact. It was thanks to the energy techniques in Be an Attractive Magnet and Soul Vibration Marketing, which made it happen so fast.

Zoë has just launched her book with Jack Canfield, the man she once had on her vision board in her small apartment. When she created that vision board she would never in her wildest dreams have thought that ten years later, she would meet, even less write a book with Jack Canfield. Now she teaches others to live their full potential, through her workshops and her new podcast The Zoë Podcast. She is living proof that you can make the law of attraction work, but it wasn’t an easy journey.


“Be an attractive Magnet was actually born out of my frustration. I had seen the movie The Secret and had been working for a couple of years with affirmations. Sometimes it went pretty but not others, not so well. For example, I affirmed that I had a lot of money, I was unemployed and had a lack money, the same situation which I had for most of my life. So, I sat there affirming that I was rich, but still got a bill of 2000 dollars and thought: What’s this? This is not how it is supposed to work, so I started asking questions to my spiritual guide. What am I doing wrong? Why does it not work? What can I do differently? Then I received information about how I could continue to work with the Law of Attraction.


The answers she received was so good that she created a whole concept based on it: Be an Attractive Magnet, which consists of higher wisdom, guided meditations and powerful energy techniques. It is about becoming aware of that all of us are energy fields and creating our lives based on it, through different energy techniques.


“It’s not just about the power of thought, but also about focusing the creative energy of the whole body, to the heart.”


With the magic of Be an Attractive Magnet, you work with all the parts of the creation process. You learn to strengthen your attractive energy by stepping into different energy states, to easily attract what you desire.

Zoë used the tools to attract a contract with Jack Canfield.


“It´s important to understand that we are all interconnected already, with everyone and everything around us. We can connect with whoever we want whenever we want. This is what I’m writing about in the book.”


Jack Canfield has previously published books such as The Success Principals, Chicken Soup for the Soul and many others. He has sold over 500 million books worldwide and is often featured in television shows like The Oprah Winfrey Show. Last spring, Zoë visited Canfield´s home in Santa Barbara to make a TV-show and to complete the book. Zoë writes about how to become successful by following your true calling. For Zoë, one success is followed by the other. In her new podcast, soon to be launched, Zoë will talk about mental, spiritual and physical health, while guiding and helping listeners to reach their full potential. Life challenges met by advice from a new perspective.

All the challenges we meet in life is for the growth of our soul. Clearing the blockages is the biggest part of the work with Be an Attractive Magnet. It is important that you send out a clean signal of what you want to manifest. Nothing else should be luring below the surface. I had many blockages regarding money, I thought there was a shortage and that I was not worth anything. That made me send out a signal based on those beliefs and that´s what I created. With those beliefs it was impossible for me to manifest money.

Other important elements of the creation process are trust, release and receive. Be an attractive Magnet, is about a deep feeling in the body of having total confidence. It creates the energy state of letting go, not just a thought about it.

“For me, it’s a pleasant experience, where I feel completely relaxed and cheerful. I call it my coffee break.” Now I go and have a coffee and I trust that the universe will take of everything, for the highest good.

And if it’s not the right time or the right thing, maybe it will not happen at once or it will not happen at all. That´s the energy fields and the energy states that I work with, they are so much deeper than just the power of thought.”

Zoë often talks about the importance of loving yourself and how important it is to be able to manifest your dream life.

“It is important to understand that love is the foundation of the creation. Everything in the universe is built out of love. If you consciously choose to work with the love energy in your manifestation work, things happen quick and easy. The energy of love lives in all of us and it is through our self-esteem, that we can make powerful creations. Self-love is an extremely important part of being able to manifest what we want, because if we do not love ourselves, we can´t give ourselves the best in life.

Zoë´s TV show Life on the other side made a big impact and since then she has developed Zoë’s psychic school – mediumship in the new era, teaching new tools to easily work both professionally and for yourself. Using Zoë’s methods, you can work calmly and safely in the spiritual spheres, and thanks to her high vibrations it becomes easier to reach the different dimensions of the spirit world.

“I assist the participants in initiating their psychic abilities through various activations, such as the third eye and the sensory system. The activations, energy techniques and increased vibrations included in the psychic school mean that the course participants have the opportunity to take a quantum leap in their psychic development. Zoë’s own medial abilities are used primarily in her healing work. Nordic Light Healing is a healing form that Zoë has developed and worked successfully with since 2010. She uses extremely high vibrating strong energies. Cleansing, cleaning, strengthening and rebuilding the clients’ energy systems creates a new template for the physical body to follow. Creation always begins on an energy level.

“When I work with Nordic Light Healing, I use my X-ray vision. My psychic abilities make me able to look into the body. For example, I can see if a vertebra is out of place or if a heart valve does not close properly, if the body prevails any specific imbalance etc. After I have zoomed in the root cause of the problem, I work with the energy field of the body and change it.

“I often hear the results confirmed by the client and the doctors. It’s really cooling to experience all these miraculous healings, both for minor disorders, physical diseases and injuries. But many factors are involved in the healing process, and many that I cannot control.


“Self-love is an extremely important part of being able to manifest what we desire”


Zoë also has the ability to influence, change and transform on a mental, emotional and spiritual level, for example by changing brain waves, removing cell memories, tearing up and signing new spiritual contracts, breaking energy cords to events and people, in current life or earlier incarnations. The healing takes place in cooperation with the client’s spiritual guides and higher self. Zoë’s spiritual guide as well as various masters, healers, other civilizations and many, all of whom support the healing process. There are many who want to come to Zoë for a healing session and the waiting list has increased over the years. Her willingness to help as many as possible lead to the creation of the 21-day healing.


“In 21 days, participants receive a healing session from a distance, and each week I coach them in finding their inner power, health and truth. Many experience a lot of light and love, as a real-life boost, while others experience tough days too. It´s a heavily transforming process for the participants.

One of Zoë’s goals is to help people find their inner truth so that they can step into their full potential. Listening to the desire of their heart and to follow it, is what Soul Vibration Marketing is all about.



In Zoë’s Soul Vibration Marketing concept, one gets access to her energy techniques who has made her successful. Soul Vibration Marketing is similar to Be an attractive Magnet in many ways, but focuses on entrepreneurship and, above all, on marketing.

“If you have your own company and want to launch it effectively, or if you have a charity project, for example, or if you are an artist, musician or have written a book, it’s a great method. It is based on attracting clients and clients through its own energy. ” Soul Vibration Marketing is based on finding your own unique soul, your self-esteem, in your heart. It’s about being in harmony with your soul contract and following your life’s purpose. We are automatically successful and successful. That’s when we experience a lot of joy, harmony and flow in life.

We all have an opinion about why we are born at this moment. If we learn to co-operate with what we are here for, it’s all very easy. It’s when we go into the ego too much or correct us after others that it gets ridiculous.

“It is through the heart that the soul speaks, and by listening we connect with our soul contracts, our life plan and our purpose. We often say Follow the heart, but it is so basic. Because when we follow our heart, we follow our soul purpose, then we are in line with what we are here for, we automatically achieve success. In Soul Vibration Marketing, you will learn to strengthen your self-esteem, thus sending out a strong signal to your customers and clients. You can then proceed with your self-esteem and use it as a tool in your marketing. For example, you can load your flyers, your business cards, your website or ads. You can also create energy threads for your customers and clients, from your heart to theirs, and drag these people to you.


“I remember when I first attended a big fair in Stockholm, nobody knew who I was or what I did, but I had done energy work to attract my clients. Several people at this fair came to my booth and said, ‘I just arrived but I was pulled here. What are you doing?”


“I laughed a bit when they jumped on the healing bench to get healing. I had already talked telepathically with them before. I had prepared the meeting and thus facilitated my marketing.

Soul Vibration Marketing was born in 2010, when Zoë worked as a laboratory assistant at Karolinska.

“I had walked the spiritual path for a number of years, and a few courses in psychic development and in healing. Now I’ll do this, I thought, and it was a bit like pushing a button. Zoë, there was a clear longing for sharing her healing job. At that time, it was not so established with marketing and social media, so in order to market herself, she began to put up posters at Huddinge Hospital.

“I filled two large paper bags with posters that I would put up. I dragged them all the way to work and put them all over. I was a little bit hysterical now when I look back at it, but I wanted to give healing to all the patients in the whole hospital, so everyone would get healthy. After a while, I thought there should be an easier way. Like the Be an Attractive Magnet, Zoë started getting information about how she could work more energy-efficiently with her marketing.

One of the core features of Soul Vibration Marketing is that you already have your target audience. The people who will come to you are already out there. They just wait for you to be visible to them.

“As I see it, you already have an agreement with those who will come to you. This is so nice because you have already signed a contract with those who are coming. You have your unique soul tone, with your colors and frequencies, that match you perfectly. This also means that there is no competition as we all have our individual energy field.”

Zoë also emphasizes the importance of trusting the support of the universe through life.


“As you follow your soul´s calling, you can never go wrong. If you live your passion, you live the desire of your soul and you are automatically provided for. The universe supports you to one hundred percent as long as you follow your heart, your soulful task and your passion”