Held in the circle of love

In times of deep crisis he comes to visit – Jesus. Of course, I also chat with him at other times. Many times I’ve asked Jesus for advice or direction in different life situations. Especially about how to combine a spiritual life with daily life and how I can handle relationships with other people who don’t walk a spiritual path.

Jesus has a lot to offer when it comes to these questions and always gives good support to approach life on earth from a place of love.

It’s so fantastic! I get such wonderful advice every time!

In late February, I was sitting at the kitchen table eating breakfast. I looked out at the field and, as usual, the deer family was eating breakfast at the same time as me. On the top floor the painter was putting up the last of the wallpaper – pink of course… and gold.

Between bites of oatmeal, my chest contracted in a sob. A quiet one, with thoughts of the painter, and tears began to flow down my cheeks. “I can’t do this anymore…” I had just found out that my Twin Flame’s disease had gotten worse.

Then I felt a being of light sit on the chair in front of me and after a millisecond I saw it was Jesus. He just smiled and radiated so unbelievably brightly. He said that I/we were doing so fantastic with everything that was happening, and that it was so beautiful. As usual, he wanted to remind me/us of the power that he radiated when he walked on earth here among all of us.

We’ve heard this many times, but we need to be reminded of it again and again.

He continued to offer me inspiring words to give me strength and confidence, and to see that all would go well.

I felt his infinite love and was inundated with an incredibly comfortable sense of relaxation, and I rested in his bright light, which lives in all of us, during that breakfast.

Right in the middle of this chaos I felt like I should feel more devastated. Certainly my earthly “I” was worried, but I was completely held by all the helpers around me.

The energy from Mother Earth gave me an enormous sense of calm and my Ascension team and guides regularly showed me the next step to direct me forward. My power animal, the black jaguar, always gives me strength and courage, and the strongest protection you can imagine.

I have all of these aspects within me, but I was reminded and so beautifully held by my heavenly helpers in a circle of love. I can rest here… deeply, deeply… and I know I am held.

Thank you!

This was part of my 21-day healing journey with the theme Deep Trust, which I have now completed. I have anchored the energies through my own journey. I look forward to giving these energies to all of the participants in the upcoming 21-Day Healing Program.

In the introduction video below, I tell more about my experiences and why the Ascension team is choosing Deep Trust as part of the theme right now.

Much love,