We have lived in a dark period on earth now for thousands of years.

Since the last fall of Atlantis, about 13–14,000 years ago, we have experienced a dark fall and winter. Our beautiful civilization, Atlantis, fell for the third time, and once again we had to start building our world from scratch.

We lost all of our memories from living in full consciousness. We didn’t remember how to live in peace, harmony, and love, side-by-side, as sisters and brothers.

We have now reached a historic moment in time, where we are taking back everything that was lost in Atlantis.

We remember and activate our lost magic abilities bit by bit, by awakening our DNA.

Since last year, we are going through an epic period in our history. We have lived according to earth’s limitations for thousands of years. We have been restricted and ruled by people that haven’t had the best intentions for us.

We were put into slavery many thousands of years ago. We have totally forgotten what life was like, before these restraints were placed upon us. But, we are not actually victims at all. We all choose to agree to this evil plan of limiting ourselves. We choose to experience this.

During the year of 2020 it all started to get more and more compressed. Even though it was previously clear to many people that we have lived in this dark limited world for such a long time, it now became even more evident to us.

We were pushed to our limits, until our souls couldn’t stand it any longer, and rose up with a loud and clear ROAR!! “NO I’M NOT TAKING THIS ANYMORE!!”

It is NOW finally time to break FREE from the slavery of humanity!

We are doing this in many ways now. We choose to stand up for our human rights. We refuse to agree to limit our freedom. We claim our Divine sovereignty.

It’s time to reawaken our Divine power!

During the 21-Day Healing Program with the Theme: Freedom, Ease and Liberation – Expand beyond your beliefs, we are going to liberate ourselves from the chains that were put on humanity thousands of years ago.

This is HUGE!!

We are doing this in an energetic way so it will manifest in the physical.

During this process we are breaking free from limitations on an individual level as well as a collective level.

We will look at our personal limitations. These limitations may be limiting beliefs about who we are, what is blocking us from living in total freedom and in our full potential. They can also be a job, a relationship, and limitations can be in the physical, emotional, mental realms, etc.

We will work with powerful healing energy of super high frequency, to zap out these limitations at their root!

In this way we assist humanity as a whole to break free from their limitations and therefore are also supporting the collective as well.

Read more about the 21-Day Healing Program here!

Watch the video below, where I go into more depth on this subject.

I welcome you to break free from the slavery in this epic journey of the 21-Day Healing Program!!

Much love,