We’ve received an email from a woman who channeled a message from the Galactic Federation of Light after she’d listened to the Cosmic Language recordings in the Fall of 2019.

The funny thing is that I had received almost the exact same message.

The following message is for all the Lightworkers on the front lines who need a bit of encouragement. 

She also wrote that she heard a translation of what was said during the recordings of Cosmic Language and that the language felt like coming home.

Below you can read the channeled message in full.

Channeling by Jenny Ferenczy

“You are our sisters and brothers.

We’re here during the Ascension to help you into the higher dimensions where your true home is.

You will help, and continue to help, others to understand.
To see, beyond fears.

You already know there is nothing to fear. But as you know, not everyone is ready for our exposed existence.

An important part of your work on earth is to get others to understand and see that which you see and know.

You are the bridge between realities.

You make freedom and Ascension possible for an infinite amount of people.

Do not limit yourself to your human self, your fears or other people’s opinions.

Not everybody understands, and not everybody will understand. Not everybody wants to see.

Remember that everything happens in divine right timing, even this.

Do not diminish yourself or your abilities.
They exist for a reason, and you are meant to use them to help your brothers and sisters.

You are all A PART of the whole.

Thus, you are THE WHOLE.

As you each do your part, you will make it possible. The Ascension, the New Earth.

Each process has its time.

When feelings of doubt come, embrace them and then let them go.

Never stay in your littleness, step into your GREATNESS.

Know that it is because of you, each and every one of you, and YOUR spiritual courage and your never-ending driving force that this will be possible.

YOU are the change you’ve been waiting for. You already know this, and you are continually remembering more of your true origin and who you truly ARE.

Standing in truth is how you help your sisters and brothers to remember.

The whole of you.
Stripped, naked, true.
This is also what makes you trustworthy.

There’s a single wish within you, to help your fellow human beings. To help others awaken, to find their one true selves.

What you’re doing is coming from your highest and purest soul.

If somebody doesn’t believe you or believes you’re causing harm, they have not understood and cannot understand, and therefore they are not yet ready.

Let it be so.

Send them love and know you’ve done what you can, if only having sown a seed in them.

Not everybody is ready for the truth and so it will remain. But remember that it is part of the Ascension and all divine processes.

Now more than ever it is of the utmost importance to keep your eyes on the goal and not let yourself be influenced negatively or by those who have opinions. They will never understand, until they choose to.

It’s all written in The Grand Divine Plan. You already know this, but we feel that you need a loving reminder to stand steady in your spiritual calling.

We also remind you to fully embody Love and Total Trust. This is the truth that matters.
Always remember this.

We cannot emphasize enough how important YOUR part is, here and now.

The Light and Truth sets you free.

Your spiritual work is indispensable for all of humanity and for the ascension. For the new earth to be born.

YOU make it possible, each and every one of you. Remember this when doubt sets in.

YOU are valuable. YOUR roll is INDISPENSABLE.

Regardless of whether you reach ONE or ONE MILLION.

The difference you make for ONE influences many more than you can ever know or see.

Continue on your chosen path.

Thank you for taking the time to listen to this message of Cosmic Language and channeled text.

With love,

The Galactic Federation of Light”

Thank you for your channeling Jenny!

Much love,