Creating consistent contact with the Higher Self is an important part of the upcoming 21-Day Healing Program.

The theme is Lightworks Unite – Deep Trust and Activation of the Light Grid and focuses on trusting one’s self, and one’s own inner strength and guidance. It will also help you to truly land in a state of clarity that’s in contact with your Heart’s compass, and it allows you to create powerful inner certainty about what your next step is in life.

Conscious contact with the Higher Self is a huge asset.

We have many helpers (guides) with us on our journey on earth. In the experience of being separated from Source, we need to have some kind of indication that helps us move forward in life. Otherwise we would probably mostly spin around in circles without finding any common thread.

We have our main guide who is responsible for us. This guide is aware of the spiritual contracts, and that we follow them and take the easiest path. Even if the road is not always experienced as easy, it is the road with the least resistance.

It is such a privilege to have conscious contact with my guides. I can’t imagine what my life would look like otherwise, and I probably do not want to know… ha ha ha!! I’d probably still be hanging around the nightclubs in the city. I still love to dance, but maybe not in that environment…

We also have other guides, masters, angels, our star family… we have so many, who assist us on our journey through life even though we may often feel lonely.

The reason why I am so passionate about waking other people’s intuitive and psychic abilities, as I do through my Psychic School, is precisely that I want EVERYONE to have contact with their guides. It is fantastic to see how students develop from not experiencing any contact at all to having a direct link to higher realms for guidance and direction. WOW!

In February 2020 I experienced a more conscious contact with… MY HIGHER SELF! Wohoo !! What a heavenly beautiful woman! Ha ha ha…

It was as if my Higher Self was screaming very loudly in my ear! Such a clear contact! WOW!!

We all have a part of us – a part of our soul – that exists on a higher plane.

Imagine that you have someone floating about 900ft above you. This someone, who is your Higher Self, has a completely different perspective and looks far ahead, to the sides, backwards, up and down. Like the other guides, the Higher Self has a holistic perspective and can—from that bird’s eye view—guide the human self in a fantastic way.

So, I sat and wrote, and asked questions in order to receive channeled answers about the next step in life and whether  I/we are on the right track… What is the highest good in everything that is happening right now?

Then a clear and distinct voice spoke and the pen flew onto the paper and wrote at a furious speed.

I have never written so fast in my entire life, and my special channeling pen did a superb job.

“One step at a time. You do not see the whole picture or the entire path now. Trust me, your Higher Self…. There is a plan and it is clear and distinct, but you need to take small steps on the road as you move forward… ”

The turbulence and chaos all around the world continues to increase, and so it is important to have a safe place of total trust to land in. In this warm place you are completely held, and from there you will be perfectly guided.

In the upcoming 21-Day Healing Program we will focus on establishing and strengthening a more clear guiding channel by connecting to your Higher Self and the inner guidance of your heart.

This will take place especially on Day 3 with the theme “Trust in Your Inner Guidance – The Compass of the Heart”.

For more information on the upcoming 21-Day Healing Program, please watch the introduction video below.

Much love,