It is becoming increasingly important to learn to navigate the chaos so that you choose the timeline you want to be on and not to slip into a timeline that you do not prefer.

It is very important which timeline you reinforce or tune in to, and thus choose that timeline.

By timeline I mean the version of the earth, or version of reality, you choose to experience.

We are now in the middle of the transformation.

We are in between worlds where we are disconnecting from the old 3D matrix and connect to the new earth, and thus also create it.

So, what is happening right now is that we are still seeing—and to some extent experiencing—the old 3D reality. The darkness in the 3D reality also becomes increasingly clear to us, as everything that has been hidden is coming to the surface.

It has always been very dark, but we have not seen it. And because the light is so strong now, it lights up every corner of the darkness and makes it visible.

We have a choice here: to connect to the old dysfunctional and dark earth or to connect to the new bright and joyful one.

How do we do that?

With the Law of Attraction, which we have had with us for many years now. I myself have refined my manifestation work and worked deeply with this since 2007.

And that’s how I created Be an Attractive Magnet™ with my spiritual team.

You will find more information about this concept HERE.

Many people need extra support right now in choosing timelines, and the information and tools in Be an Attractive Magnet™ is a fantastic support for that.

It is incredibly important to consciously work with our manifestations as we are now at this turning point — the split of different timelines.

I myself live energetically in the new world already.

Within my Soul Tribe, we create the beautiful new earth in everything that we do together. We also see what is going on with the dark agenda and then act by remaining in our sovereignty.

To me, it still looks about “the same” on the outside, but my experience within myself is completely different. This is part of the creative process.

In order to be able to choose the bright and glorious timeline, you first of all need to clear your blocks.

This is something we work on a lot in Be an Attractive Magnet

What I see right now—and have seen over the last 1.5 years—is that there are a lot of fears to clear out, both collectively and individually.

There are many really unpleasant things going on right now in the process of the Awakening.

It is important that the dark rise to the surface and become visible, BUT the most important thing is not to give energy to it by being afraid. If you do, you create even more of it.

If you get scared, go to the root of your fear and dissolve it so that you have the opportunity to create something else.

This is an important part of the process, which we must get through, but there is nothing to be afraid of.

I observe a lot in everything that is happening right now. I step aside and go into sacred neutrality, and look at things from a bird’s eye view.

Do you feel you have to act? Then do it!

Follow your feeling / intuition, and thus you will follow your soul´s mission.

BUT, it is important not to go into the feeling that… “they will take over”, “they will pursue their agenda!”, we must do something now”, “everyone will die”, etc.

Panic! Panic! Panic!

When we panic, all we do is create even more things to be afraid of and panic about.

So please do not be afraid, and do not panic.

Yes, we see this dystopian agenda and we look at it with the eyes of love.

Your task is to clear your blocks, and when you do that, you help the collective as well as yourself. Clearing the blocks is a very important part of the manifestation process. In fact, it’s the one part that I work with the most to succeed with my manifestation work.

In the video below, I tell you more about where these blockages come from.

Much love,