Many of us can remember the final days and hours during the latest fall of Atlantis, about 13 – 14 000 years ago.

I remember how we tried to save this beautiful civilization, where we lived in peace, harmony, and in full consciousness.

However, dark forces were attempting a take over so they could rule the Atlantean civilization. They coveted the Divine God Force and wanted to use it for their own selfish purposes.

My Colleagues and I could see what was about to happen and we approached the leaders, urging them to stop the collaboration with these destructive beings. They didn’t listen to us.

As a last option, when our original plan had failed, we shut down most of the DNA and consequently our connection to the Divine Source. Otherwise the dark ones would have been able to use this creative God power for destructive purposes.

So, we used energy light codes to shut off the DNA. You can compare it to using various keys to lock the doors to our divine power.

These codes have been kept secret up until recently when the Ascension began. They were held in different places; other spheres and dimensions, on motherships, in many sacred sites on earth, and even within ourselves.

I’ve been sharing some of these light codes since 2014 through DNA activations and upgrades, i.e. The Light Key, The Codes of Atlantis, and “The Golden Frequency” programmed into the 533-crystal pendant.

Next in line after all these DNA activations and upgrades, is Cosmic Language.

Cosmic Language was used in Atlantis as a communication language with our star sisters and brothers. It is here now, once again, in order to support us to open up for First Contact, as well as an activation tool for the Ascension.

By bringing back Cosmic Language into our awareness we are closing the circle of the Atlantean timeline. So that we can begin to remember where we come from, and how immensely powerful we truly are.

I speak more in-depth about Cosmic Language and Atlantis in the video below.

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