Some comments from Social media concerning the upgrade of the 533 crystal:  “The crystal is stubborn; however, I try to figure it out and the chain keeps winding itself up immediately? (Really determined)Any explanation to that?”  “Zoë: the circulating motion of the energy inside the crystal has increased during the upgrade.”  “Now … it feels … “metallic” and electric?”
 “Got to take it off after just 10 min haha ​​…”  
“I think it feels HEAVY .. like someone filled it with stones” 
“Yes, I got a headache and it became terrible around 6 pm and nausea. Now it’s almost completely gone so it was the upgrade, well yes …” 
“I felt the upgrade! And I did not even have the crystal on me, wow so powerful! so grateful!” 
“I’ve had the crystal for a while now, and I feel affected, the heart sometimes bumps twice, and I feel shaky! So I’ll probably need to take it off for a while!” 
“Yes, my whole body felt like a magnet, stuck for a moment in bed during the light meditation.” 
“So that was why it felt like I slipped under a bus at noon, dizzy. Had this strange feeling in my body. Thanks for explaining.”
 “I experienced the upgrade during my meditation this morning when I carried the “newly upgraded” crystal on me. It was very strong, but still I felt anchored in my body … I had a new sensation during my meditation, so cool!!! But now I must put it aside for a while, as it gets my head spinning….”
 “Waking up today and already last night, I felt the energies that affected me so I lost my grounding.”
 “Oh thank you, now I get why I feel strange.” 
“Headache and shaky throughout the body with a burning sensation inside of me.” “It’s powerful!” 
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