In late January I got to go on a truly fantastic journey, which is difficult to put into words.

I was invited to both the inner earth, Agartha, and also to a space ship in the higher realms. It was such a significantly physical journey with incredibly strong energies!

I have never experienced anything like this before.

I have made many trips to different dimensions over the years, but never experienced that I was there physically. I’m not really that surprised since I was at the time preparing for the upcoming 21-Day Healing Program in Scandianvia with the theme Deep Trust.

I remember I was lying in my bed. I “dreamt” although it was not a dream. It was completely real. I was then pulled downward. A very loving and cute little black dog guided me into a warm sense of safety. I heard that I would be allowed to visit the Crystal Cities in the inner earth, which has been a strong desire of mine for a long time.

I was pulled down through a kind of energy tunnel and came out through a huge cave, maybe 50 meters in diameter. I saw a dreamy and paradisiacal landscape, similar to Thailand’s beautiful beaches and nature.

I was able to visit different departments and rooms that are important to me personally.

Then I traveled back to bed and started to be drawn upward by a very strong force. The journey went on for a long time. I passed different dimensions and worlds. It was windy and the suction was tremendously powerful.

Previously, I have never consciously experienced the kind of energy that I was feeling throughout my body then. It is completely indescribable.

It was so incredibly warm and loving. It was as if I was wrapped in a warm loving blanket. I was completely surrounded by this strong love! In general, I almost always experience strong love 24/7, but this was totally amazing!

I also experienced a very strong scent, with a candy and flower-like smell, as if it was from perfume or a scented candle. I smelled it in the house for a few days, and it was very noticeable particularly before I went to sleep.

After the long journey I came up to a platform or a sphere. There I was welcomed by a group of ETs, but they looked more like different characters in a movie. They were about 2.5 meters high and they came forward one at a time and welcomed me. They were extremely happy to meet me.

I then approached a woman and asked her what dimension I was in. She answered that I was in the 4th dimension. That is to say, I was somewhere in between the physical and non-physical dimensions, which was my experience of the ETs I encountered. The visit here was also very short, as far as I remember.

I stepped into an elevator and traveled back down. I woke up in bed. I lay there for about an hour, still surrounded by the strong scent and energy of love. I just let myself enjoy it.

This whole experience was a bit psychedelic, and I can imagine it’s similar to taking ayahuasca and other similar substances. It is completely indescribable in words.

This journey felt like a rehearsal of the Ascension itself, of changing dimensions.

It felt great!

I felt that this journey would be something that will be included in the 21-Day Healing Program and now I’m thrilled to announce that some of the participants have recently experienced a similar journey during their 21-Day Healing Program in Sweden.

I have now come to the understanding that the tunnel that I was traveling through is the 11th Gate. It’s the portal of endless possibilities in the realms of multi-dimensionality.

An activation of the 3rd eye connecting to the 11th Gate will be included in the 21-Day Healing Program starting on December 1, 2020.

Lots of love,