One morning, in the Fall of 2018,  I suddenly began to speak a strange language.

I was about to meet up with my twin flame and the message that came through was for him. I quickly picked up my cell phone and pushed the record button on the record messages app and started recording.

I channeled a long message for a few minutes and then I understood that the message was about his soul mission and next steps in his life.

I didn’t receive any details but I understood the overall message, and it included an activation for him. I was too shy to play the message to him and instead I continued to develop the language in the safe container of my home.

About one year later when I sat down and received information about the theme for the 21-Day Healing Program in the Fall of 2019, my guides explained that it was time to share the language publicly. They called it Cosmic Language.

I received the message that I should record segments of channeled information that will function as support for the participants of the Healing Program, to facilitate the integration of higher aspects of the soul.

A week later I started recording and out of my mouth came lectures, activations and codes in the form of Sacred Geometry.

This resulted in three separate recordings, and it was a really exciting journey for me as I simultaneously heard a summary in Swedish in my head during the channelings.

First came information about Earth’s history, in which extraterrestrial civilizations have been heavily involved, as well as information about different civilizations, such as Atlantis with its rise and fall. Furthermore information about sacred sites on Earth where ancient and important wisdom lies buried and codes for activating that information were transmitted.

The second recording was about larger soul groups and their mutual and individual soul missions. Codes for upgrades and information about the next step for these souls’ life missions were transmitted.

During the third and last recording, the new missions for the New Earth were activated for all those listening, and we went through the final steps of Ascension.

It’s all incredibly exciting.

If you want to know more about Cosmic Language, click here.

With love,