Cosmic Language consists of energy codes, a channeled form of Sacred Geometry that exists in words and sounds.

The light codes function as support during the Ascension by activating and opening up new energy channels through, which new information is transmitted.

Cosmic Language acts as a link between us and our Star Sisters and Brothers from other planets to open us up for a closer connection.

Listen to the first recordings

Zoë’s Cosmic Langage

Track 1 – The Earth’s History (14 min)

Information about the Earth’s history and the extraterrestrial civilizations that have been involved in the history of the Earth throughout the years. Discussion of the civilizations that existed on earth, such as Atlantis and Lemuria, and their rise and fall.

A review of locations on earth where ancient and important wisdom has been lying dormant and a summary of the information hidden in these places. Transmission of codes for activating this information are included in the recording.

Track 2 – Activation of new Soul Missions (14 min)

A review of the major soul groups on earth and their common and individual soul missions. Transmission of light codes for soul upgrades. Information about these souls’ missions as well as the next steps for their missions here on earth.

Track 3 – The New Earth and the Missions (25 min)

Review/reminder/activation for the last steps of the Ascension (8 of 12 important areas/steps for all those involved in assisting humanity). Activation of New soul missions for the new earth.

Total Play Time: 53 min

How does it work?

You can listen to the recording at any time: while meditating, on the bus, etc., but not when you are driving or doing any activity that requires your attention.

You may want to have a notebook and pen nearby as you may receive important information. Also, be prepared for a good laugh as the language sounds very wacky!


Wow! I have listened to all three tracks and I’m so overwhelmed. Once I let go of the fact that I couldn’t understand anything, the meaning came to me. So much information and so much healing. It’s wonderful, important and so meaningful.

I even felt how it physically worked on me while I was listening. I received so much valuable information about my path and where we are heading collectively. Hopeful, mischievous, full of love, and yes, simply wonderful. I will listen to it many times in the future. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Jessica Mossberg


“When I listened to track 2, a white light came through my crown chakra and swept through me, all the way down to my toes. Very powerful and at the same time with so much tenderness. ”



“As soon as Zoë began speaking on track 2, I started to cry. It came in waves during the entire first half. A sorrow, a longing, something that struck me. Almost like a lightning-fast recognition in those first few seconds. Then I became calm and at peace. During the last minutes I began to “comment” when I listened without consciously understanding a bit of what Zoë or I said. A very strange experience.”

Inga Nyström


“The language sounds like home, even though I didn’t understand a thing on a conscious level.”

Charlotte S


“This was absolutely fantastic and I was totally surprised!”



“I listened for the first recording and it was absolutely amazing. It was like listening to a prayer in another language. I received information about what happened in Lemuria.”



“It is amazing to take part in the secrets of the Universe. It was so exciting to listen to. Thank you for this amazing experience! I will listen to it many more times. ”

Valentina Engström



Zoë recording

“I listened to the first track yesterday. It went deep deep into my heart. It was like we connected and incomprehensible words spurted out like a waterfall. It was like a conversation, like recognizing someone from the past that you hadn’t seen in many years. I felt pure joy emanating from my heart.

Today, I listened to the second track and something similar happened, the conversation was shorter but I realized that my body was reacting like it understood almost everything. I know I was in a deep meditation but at the same time I was aware of my facial expressions, which changed from furrows in my forehead to smile, even a small burst of laughter.”

Gabriella Schonbucher


“Cosmic Language is mesmerising. My whole body started buzzing after the meditation that you have shared at the end of the lecture video. Loved it! I’ve experienced a trance stage. During the meditation, I saw a glass room in my heart chakra and it was placed in the centre of the lake with beautiful scenery (jungle surrounding the lake). On the left-hand side, I saw a beautiful moon between two trees.

The crystal bed prepared by my ascension team was also very beautiful and I’ve seen my ascension team around my chamber but I was not able to see their faces. Beautiful experience. Feeling wonderful!”

Vikram Cheema