Original sin is a programming that is part of the blueprint for the 3D reality.

Similar to other programmings, it is embedded in the energy network or matrix around the earth. It permeates our entire being and dictates what we experience on earth.

With this programming active in the field, we cannot step into our Divinity.

To create an eternal burden of guilt, dark forces have placed this programming of alleged ‘sins’ inside the human consciousness.

The myth of the “Fall in the Garden of Eden” was created to keep this programming active.

The serpent persuaded Eve to eat the forbidden fruit from the Tree of Knowledge and offer Adam one of the fruits. The consequences of their disobedience is known as the Fall, and is a punishment from God.

By retelling this fictional story, this programming has been kept alive. The concept of original sin means that we have inherited this sin and are therefore in eternal debt to God from the moment we’re born.

This has been an effective way to remove our Divine power.

However, we must remember that we all agreed to this. We chose to enter into the experience of being separated from God and to experience original sin as part of our spiritual growth.

When I tune into this energy it feels like a heavy, wet blanket.

Like a weight has been placed on humanity to keep us down. Most of us are still not aware of this fundamental programming, because it is such a “natural” part of our way of being and living.

You can probably relate to the feeling of not being able to feel at home, with yourself or with God.

The feeling of not being completely loved and not being able to receive fully. The feeling that we are somehow wrong or doing something wrong. The feeling that we are not good enough and can never be enough. The feeling that it’s not enough to just be.

There’s a void, a constant hole of emptiness inside. A feeling that there is something fundamentally wrong with you.

To never ever be able to feel perfect or fulfilled. Thinking: “If only I could do/be/have… then I will finally feel okay”.

This programming is often expressed when people think negative and demeaning thoughts about themselves and others.

This programming is not something that is often reflected upon as it has become such a natural way of living and thinking.

Those who have become aware of this and have actively done their homework of personal development, have managed to get past this programming, completely or to some extent.

They have come into contact with the freedom beyond this construct of the Original Sin programming. However, I see that we have not yet succeeded in becoming completely free from this programming.

At this time in the Ascension many of us are now ready to let go of this programming and enter into a world without any conditions for love and where we are not imposed any sin, guilt or shame.

A world in which we experience our own Divinity in every single cell of our being. You can already tune in to the feeling of total liberation.

The deprogramming of limitations from 3D is also what we focus on during the upcoming 21-Day Healing with the theme “Dissolve Collective Programming – Connect To The New Earth”.

The goal is to deprogram EVERYTHING that belongs to 3D reality.

Some of the limitations we will address are Fears, Anxiety, Depression, Dystopia, Separation, Distorted dark sexuality and Lack.

When we join together in meditation groups we can reach the point of critical mass so that the programming is fully disabled and removed from the human consciousness.

On May 4 at 7 pm CET / 1 pm EST / 10 am PST we will join together LIVE to collectively Deprogram Original Sin in a joint meditation.

My hope is that together, through a joint collaboration of Lightwork, we will be able to remove this programming from earth once and for all.

Join us LIVE here!

If you can’t make it, then you can attend the meditation afterwards.

I feel so grateful and excited for what we can accomplish together.

Don’t miss this magical Lightwork for humanity and your own personal freedom!

Much love,