Yesterday I had the opportunity to drive a giant mothership! I tuned into a dimension where I work on an alien planet to assist the Ascension. We are all multidimensional and have several incarnations going on in this NOW. This came as a message to me and a friend as a mission to help in everything that happens right now. We were guided to a place in the forest of Sweden, to an octagonal gazebo/summerhouse where there is a huge powerful light portal. This because we could work completely undisturbed without any intrusion …
 It was so powerful, I could only sit in the Light Portal for a short while. I took the position when the ship was to be operated. It was interesting to experience their advanced technology, even though there are no words to describe it. The captain of the ship gave me the rudder for a short while and with the help of different “manuals” I could set the right direction.The Mother Ship connected itself to four smaller ships.
Then I put the coordinates of the Mother Ship towards “The New World”. I saw this as a big “wormhole” in white. It felt so hopeful and it was really an honor to “borrow” the ship and set its navigation coordinates. What this means is hard to say.  But, of course, the course is set against the new.
 Our big galactic family says hi! 😉
 Zoë [icon name=”heart” class=”” unprefixed_class=””]