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21-Day Healing Program April 2021

April 14, 2021 - May 5, 2021


21-Day Healing Program April 2021

Theme: Freedom, Ease and Liberation – Expand Beyond Your Beliefs

Book before February 28 and get the 21-Day Extra Tools (two healing meditations) for FREE!




You get:

    •    healing every day for 21 days!

    •    your own Member’s Page

    •    access to a private members-only Facebook group

    •    support throughout the process

    •    a free guided Heart Meditation (audio) ca 5 min

    •    a free guided meditation Expand Your Light (video) ca 20 min

    •    to repeat the program as many times as you wish. It’s just as powerful!



Zoë and the Ascension (healing) team works with different healing aspects and themes every single day.

Day  1: Installation in the Crystal Chambers – connecting and acclimatizing

Day  2: Crystal Chambers – calibration

Day  3: Clarify the limiting beliefs

Day  4: Strong and deep cleansing of soul memory and cellular memory

Day  5: Remove the root cause of the limitations

Day  6: Expansion explosion – breaking boundaries

Day  7: Reprogramming and upgrading

Day  8: I am free

Day  9: The power of light within – I decide

Day 10: Connecting to the Golden Light Network

Day 11: Healing bath – The Golden Frequency

Day 12: Journey through the 11th Gate—bridge to the new

Day 13: Return home to Paradise

Day 14: Being home in Paradise

Day 15: Healing bath – Christ energy

Day 16: Healing bath – Unconditional love

Day 17: Healing bath – Kryptonite

Day 18: Grounding to the new earth

Day 19: Expand beyond your limitations with freedom and ease

Day 20: Expand beyond your limitations with freedom and ease

Day 21: Consolidate the new expanded state of being.


The theme for Spring 2021 is Freedom, Ease and Liberation – Expand beyond your beliefs

This process gives you the opportunity to move beyond your limitations. We highlight and find the root of your limiting beliefs, and we dissolve them by using a deep and powerful high-frequency cleansing.

After an expansion explosion beyond your limitations, the field of opportunity opens up for the reprogramming and upgrading of your energy system.

You strengthen your divine sovereignty and freedom by connecting to The Golden Light Network. In the network, you participate in a healing bath of DNA-upgrading codes of The Golden Frequency.

In the experience of freedom, you travel through the 11th Gate to the Other World, beyond our limited world. You bathe in the original and pure energies of Paradise. Memories will return to you from “times before time”, where we lived in peace, joy, and harmony, side by side. Soon thereafter, humanity went from living in full consciousness in Paradise, to a limited experience of controlled slavery. You integrate the energy of the world of origin and break through the wall of energy between our limited world and the world we come from.

Delightful healing energies will flood throughout your body, and you will receive the Christ Energy, the Unconditional Love Energy and the super-powered Energy of Kryptonite.

We finish this strong process of liberation by integrating the energy of having gone beyond limitations and experience freedom and ease in order to finally consolidate the energy completely.

We do this process for ourselves and for the collective. We break through our individual limitations, and through that as well as other powerful processes, we eliminate that limiting energy block, that wall of energy that’s been placed on top of and around humanity with the objective of controlling us. Together we’ll take down this “fence” and release ourselves from jail.

Your Ascension team is with you during the entire journey. This time your Ascension team has been expanded and is comprised of Ascension masters, highly developed masters from other civilizations, angels, and even people from “The Other World” beyond our world, from “times before time”


Extra tools

There are two additional guided healing meditations, led by Zoë, as extra tools. This extra support will further facilitate and strengthen the process. These are especially made for those of you who don’t “see” so much during these journeys. It’s not necessary to do these extra meditations, as the healing is still just as effective!

Zoë explains more about this in the introduction video.

Book before February 28 and get the 21-Day Extra Tools (two healing meditations) for FREE!


Guide to the Crystal Chambers (audio)

Zoë guides you to the mother ship where the Crystal Chambers are located. You merge with your individual chamber, where your frequencies are upgraded.

Guide through the 11th Gate (audio)

You’ll be led through the portal to “the place” of infinite possibilities and get to experience the sphere of total freedom.



“Thank you for the 21-Day Healing. I’m almost 80 years old and during this program I was able to get rid of the dizziness I have. I think I also got one heart valve fixed and an improved pancreas!”

Monica Samuelsson, Farsta, Sweden

“I want to thank you enormously for this journey! I never wanted it to end. It was so wonderful to feel the serenity, safety and love, that I felt during this healing. Difficult things have come up, but I felt as if I had to heal a lot and I did.”

Susanne Jonsson, Stockholm, Sweden




April 14, 2021
May 5, 2021
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