Many of us are waiting and longing for the day of First Contact, i.e. the day when we will meet our galactic sisters and brothers.

For me personally, they are more than welcome to land on earth tomorrow, so that we can start to clean up the mess down here and bring forth the New Earth.

Some of us are remembering more and more of our home planets and we can not wait to reunite physically with our Star families. To bring home here.

As Starseeds we came here with specific missions; to learn, grow, and support humanity in our unique way during the Ascension process.

At this moment, we are witnessing the world fall apart right before our eyes. While the systems are crumbling, the Starseeds and Lightworkers are preparing for First Contact, which is the next step in the Ascension process.

Cosmic Language works as a ‘permission slip’ that opens us up for physical contact. We can begin to prepare for this important event by start speaking this galactic language right now.

Many people are already communicating with their Star Families and meeting with beings from their home planets. This normally occurs through channeling and/or during our sleep, even though we can’t always remember it.

Cosmic Language is the next step that facilitates even closer connections to galactic beings.

Our more developed star friends are not in need of a spoken language as they use telepathic communication, but as Earth beings we need one in order to communicate with them.

As such, Cosmic Language is an important tool for us that can be utilized to establish direct contact right now. In turn it will make it easier for physical contact down the road.

Cosmic Language will be very useful to make communication with our galactic friends loving, beautiful and natural once they land. Hopefully this will occur within a couple of years from now.

By opening up communication we can make the contact more natural, and we will emanate a calmer energy around the ETs. In this way, once the landings occur, we are more energetically prepared and will not be in fear. It is very important that we are not fearful of our Star Sisters and Brothers as our fear is one of the main things that stops them from landing.

One noteworthy fact about Cosmic Language is that anybody who feels drawn to it, is supposed to speak it. Cosmic Language is not meant to be a source of one-way communication in which I, as a channel, pass on information to others. But rather Cosmic Language is available to everybody who feels drawn to it to speak.

My task is to simply activate the access to the language, and your task is to start using it in your own way. Your Cosmic Language may not be exactly the same as my way of speaking it. And that’s totally fine.

This participation is available for everyone. The more of us who speak it, the faster the process towards First Contact will be.

Many listeners are surprised that they can recognize Cosmic Language and have actually spoken it before, in other lifetimes and some even in this lifetime.  That is also the reason why so many feel very emotional when listening to it and many people say that Cosmic Language “feels like coming home”.

It is a part of your home and you have, in all probability, spoken it before in Atlantis and that is why it touches you on such a deep level.

Please watch the video below for more information on First Contact with Cosmic Language.

You can also sign up for a free lecture on Cosmic language and listen to this beautiful language here.

I urge you to go ahead and start speaking it right now!

Much love and stardust,