At the end of the summer holidays, a lot of creativity bubbled up within me. When the body and mind had had their well-deserved rest during my long vacation, the creative flow was underway. Many new thoughts, ideas, longings and projects arose for me in early August.

Among other things, I had a strong desire to actively channel more. Actually, eerything I do is channeled, including all 21-Day Healing Programs. My work is very much directed by my supervisor from Sirius. He is a member of the Galactic Federation of Light and gives me the tasks to be done for all of in the Ascension process.

On August 12 2021, I asked my team of guides…

“Is there anything to be channeled today? Is there any information for me?”

Then the following words came to me.

“Jesus wants to speak to you…”

My beloved child on Earth.

I know you’re having a hard time in the current situation and it has been challenging for some time now in many different ways. And now, as you fully renounce all tyranny and begin to step into your almighty power, you are coming to face a great deal of resistance. The reclamation of your full innate Divine Power is what all this is about. 

Take back your full Divine Power. 

Disengage from your dependence on external sources and place your trust in your own inner power. 

This was, and still is, my core message to you, especially in these tumultuous times. This message was misinterpreted when I walked by your side physically on the Earthplane. Mankind chose to look up to me as a Deity when I tried to show you that you are all Gods and Goddesses. The masses were not yet ready for my message. 

Since my time on Earth, my words have been misinterpreted, misconstrued and rewritten to represent something completely different from that for which they were originally intended. They were meant as a source of inspiration and to represent a means for you to see the greatness in yourselves. Instead, I was placed on an unattainable pedestal. 

Now I am here again, through you and through other channels, to repeat my original message. You are all Gods and Goddesses, and you are here to activate that power within yourselves in different ways. 

I walk among you throughout this process. You only have to call on me in times of need. Grace is here for you at all times and Christ Consciousness is available to you all. 

You are me. 

I am you. 

Walk in Grace.

The Kingdom of Heaven is here now if you so choose it.

Remember that you can choose heaven even during these intense times. You can choose to walk with conscious steps and place your focus above that which feels heavy and challenging while keeping your feet firmly on the ground and allowing yourself to feel sustained by the earth. 

You’ve got this!

All my love to you,