I think most of you have heard about Light Language before, but you might not be familiar with Cosmic Language yet.

Is Light Language and Cosmic Language the same?
If not, what sets them apart?
And, what purpose do they have?

I aim to bring some clarity to these common questions in the following text.

Cosmic Language and Light Language have much in common however there are some key differences.

When I first began speaking this strange alien language, I believed that the transmission of codes and healing frequencies were the same as Light Language. I had been around friends and others who spoke Light Language, so I just assumed that I was channeling Light Language as well.

A while later I had a conversation with my guides in which they continually referred to it as “Cosmic Language”. I was confused by this and asked them why they called it that and that’s when they explained that Light Language is, in fact, a completely different language. They both sound similar, but they are not the same at all.

They further explained that Cosmic Language is the language specific for the Ascension process which we are in. The language acts as an activation tool for the Ascension as well as transmitting information from specific spheres or eras.

Through the re-emergence of this “new” language we can now begin to bring back ancient wisdom from the “past” and from other dimensions, and thus reactivate it here in our current timeline. As a general note you can say that Cosmic Language is more specific while Light Language is a more general language.

Truth be told, I haven’t listened much to Light Language in the past. However the way I understand it is that Light Language channelings generally contain a broader spectrum of information. It can, for example, contain information from all sorts of different sources and dimensions and different civilizations can pass on information and codes in many different areas. It is of course difficult to generalize Light Language in this way, but this is how I perceive the language.

In broad strokes we can say that Cosmic Language is a more specified form of Light Language that is centered on the Ascension process. Through Cosmic Language you receive codes, activations, information and upgrades that support you in the Ascension process.

This language is also deeply connected to Atlantis and all those civilizations who were present at that time. By bringing back Cosmic Language into our awareness we are closing the circle of the Atlantean timeline.

The most important aspect of Cosmic Language is that it creates a closer connection to our own star families. It is crucial that each one of us create our own connections with them and start speaking Cosmic Language ourselves. Furthermore, Cosmic Language prepares us for the First Contact-event, when our galactic friends finally land on earth.

I speak more in-depth about the differences between Light Language and Cosmic Language in the video below.

You can also sign up for a free lecture on Cosmic language and listen to this beautiful language here.

Much love,