Well …. Vacation, yes, I thought …
 The light missions do not take holiday, even though I long for sun and sandy beaches. 
At the beginning of summer, I felt a strong attraction to the south of Sweden. So, I had no choice but to plan my holiday there. Ale stones were, of course, an obvious feature of the trip, but I had not paid much attention to that visit, even though I know it is a well-known power spot. 
On the way up the hill, I felt more and more how my back was “pushed”. Something was really going on! Halfway up, my whole being wanted to get there NOW, so I started running!!
 Finally, up, we received guidance to enter the “portal” at one side and go to the middle. 
Despite all the tourists, we had no choice but to sit down in the middle of the ship. I was instructed to bring down an energy in the middle and push it to all the stones. When the energy reached the rocks, I saw how a “crystal” inside each stone was lit. At the same time, we also had a large spaceship right above us, that assisted us in this Light Mission. 
I saw how the energy struck as flashes towards the rocks and further into the Grid (network) to reach other power stations around the world. 
Then we activated each stone by leaning our hands against them. Some people photographed the stones, but we laid our hands against them… ha … well … there is no reason to try to be normal. I’ve given up a long time ago …  Mission completed and it was time to return to more ordinary holiday activities. 
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