Oh, oh, I had such an amazing day with Jack Canfield!!!!
What a wonderful person he is!!! So, warm and kindhearted. I really feel how he wants to help and support me in my work.So, heartwarming!! 🙂 The presentation of me, my company and my concepts Be an Attractive Magnet and Soul Vibration Marketing, went well! I received amazing feedback and lots of praise for my work! It was great fun to hear! Jack said, “You have a very strong brand” and you have a “huge market … huge!” for my concepts. Wow!! So, I’m crossing my fingers and toes that I can enjoy another co-operation with Jack and his team. This is a good thing going on!! 🙂 I was also video interviewed by Jack where he asked me about my work and my concepts. I was terribly nervous!! But, I’m also thankful that he chose to present my work and promote Be an Attractive Magnet and Soul Vibration Marketing. YEZZZZZ!!! A big thank you to all of you who have thought about me a little extra today!
Now I’m totally out….
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