Finally the new website is finished!!!
There are still small adjustments to be done… However, most of the site is up and running.
Please take time to browse and read, watch the videos, enjoy the new products and so on.
The swedish webshop is now launched in Sweden, which I know pleases many of my swedish followers.
The webshop for my international followers will soon be up as well.
 To get the new site up, has been a looong and bumpy ride, of almost exactly a year!
At the end of February last year, software issues made it impossible for me to update the website. A lot of people have been involved and a many obstacles came along the way. It has been a true challenge for me. A test of my beliefs and being patient.
After my fourth attempt to find a web designer who was up for the challenge, we finally succeeded! Yey!!
For me there is always a reason for everything, and to live without a website showed me just a glimpse of the related future. That we relatively soon will be completely without internet.
Already now the network does not operate from time to time, and it has been like this for several years. However, I would guess that by the spring of 2017, we can say goodbye to the old technology altogether.
A new era is coming, which of course involves a transition period that will be extremely challenging for us.
So be sure to drop by often and take note of everything I share with you! 
Huge hug
Zoë <3