Previous 21-Day Healing Programs with Zoë

The healing enery is just as Powerful now and during the live round!

You get access to your own Member’s Page with all the information you need to do the program.

“My desire for candy and sweets has disappeared, it´s gone and I can go into a store without wanting chocolate or chips. For me it’s huge not to be a slave to sugar anymore. My body feels different and I lost a few pounds. My body is slimmer and I feel lighter, it’s wonderful!
My work is to read tarot cards and I’ve noticed that I now receive more detailed information from higher realms. I could not be happier about this. Thank you, thank you, wonderful Zoë! “
Lotta Kaliff

Kumla, Sweden

“I am truly grateful for everything you do and for sharing yourself and your light! I’ve started a journey within myself and it’s all thanks to you!”


Stockholm, Sweden

“After the second round of the 21-day Healing I attended, the ache I had from my rheumatism disappeared and it is still gone. Feels so good! Thank you Zoë! You’ve helped me start my healing journey. Looking forward to the next time 21-day Healing starts again.”

Asa Eriksson

Alunda, Sweden

Wow! Thank you so much Zoë for this beautiful and awakening healing. Now I feel life is returning again.”

Susanne Larsson

Stockholm, Sweden

“I thank you from the depth of my heart for everything you do and did during these weeks. I perceive you as clear, precise and warm. You’re very humble, trustworthy and encouraging. Qualities I really appreciate. The group meditation we had at the end was very energetically powerful for me and so beautiful.”

Maivor Stigengreen

Markaryd, Sweden

“A warm thank you for the 21-Day Healing! A lot of different things have come up. Some days adversity and some days flow. I have embraced whatever has come and gone. I’ve stayed in my heart, as much as possible and been in contact with my spiritual guide. Thank you for doing this for us.”

Irja Paasila

Riala, Sweden

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