Previous 21-Day Healing Program December 2020 – Extra Week

Original price was: $45.Current price is: $25.

The Extra Week is only for the participants of the Previous 21-Day Healing Program December 2020.

This Extra Week is an extension of the

Previous 21-Day Healing Program December 2020


Theme: Lightworkers Unite

Deep Trust and Activation of the Light Grid

Transmission of Star Codes from Other Civilizations

During this week, you will receive codes for the Awakening and Ascension from different extraterrestrial civilizations, which are here to assist us in the process.

All transmissions take place in your individual Crystal Chamber on one of the mother ships.

The Crystal Chamber is like a living entity with its own consciousness, which encloses you and functions as a unit together with you and your energy system. It reads you and then transmits the star codes in harmony with your energy system.

This is a great way for you to get acquainted with your Crystal Chamber and with the civilizations that support us. Maybe this is a first step in a closer collaboration with them?

The star codes that are transmitted are individual and activate you in the way that is most suitable for you right now. This can, for example, mean increased magical abilities, such as healing, psychic abilities etc. You may also get specific information from these intelligent civilizations.

You can redo this Extra Week, as many times as you want (without paying anything extra). You can redo the whole week in its entirety or only certain days. If you pick certain days then ask your Ascension Team for healing for that specific day when you lie down to receive the energy.

You can start the Extra Week immediately after Day 21 or you can wait and start it at a later time when it suits you best.

Schedule Extra Week

Zoë and the various civilisations work with different healing aspects and themes every single day.

Note! There are no daily healing videos or emails that will be sent out. You just lie down, open up and receive the healing energy.

Day 22: The Crystal Chambers on the Ship – Connecting, Calibrating and Acclimatizing

Day 23: Transmission of Sirian Codes

Day 24: Transmission of Pleiadian Codes

Day 25: Transmission of Arcturian Codes

Day 26: Transmission of Flambian Codes

Day 27: Transmission of Blue Avian Codes

Day 28: Transmission of Individual Codes from Your Team from The Galactic Federation of Light

Feedback Video

Zoë connects with you through a Feedback video in which she answers questions and gives feedback. You’ll find it on the Member’s Page.

Zoë presents the Extra Week

At 1h 25 min 30 sec in, Zoë talks about the additional 7 days of transmission.


Nordic Light Healing™

Zoë uses Nordic Light Healing™ in the 21-Day Healing Program. This is Zoë’s “own” healing modality, where she uses extremely high vibrating and strong energies. Zoë collaborates with different masters, angels and entities from other civilizations.

By cleansing, purifying, strengthening and rebuilding the client’s energy system, Zoë creates a new energy template or blueprint for the physical body to adjust itself to.

Over the years, Zoë has used Nordic Light Healing™ with great success, from minor ailments to various physical illnesses, such as cancer, severe injuries sustained in car crashes, herniated discs, urinary tract infections, fractures, eczema and Lyme disease.

Zoë can also influence, change and transform mental, emotional and spiritual conditions by transforming negative thoughts, removing cellular memories, rewriting soul contracts and breaking energy cords to events and people, in present life or in past incarnations.

In this video Zoë tells you about her healing modality.

In this second video you can enjoy Zoë’s powerful energy transmission of Nordic Light Healing™.

Read more about Nordic Light Healing™ here.


The 21-Day Healing sessions does not treat specific ailments, diseases or health problems, but aims to restore balance on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Therefore, Zoë does not make any promises, guarantees, and/or assurances about specific healing results or recovery. Zoë discourages you to stop taking any medication or other medical treatments without your doctor’s recommendation. Zoë is not a doctor and you are solely responsible for your own medical care.

About Zoë

Zoë, known from the successful Swedish TV-show, Life on the Other Side, is one of Scandinavia’s leading spiritual teachers. She is a sought after healer, intuitive coach, yoga teacher and workshop leader. Zoë gives classes, workshops and healing sessions all over the world.

Zoë is constantly developing new workshops and modalities. In 2009, she created the unique concept Be an Attractive Magnet™ together with her Spirit guide and other entities. Be an Attractive Magnet™ is a deep and powerful energy work that makes the users quantum leap their success to a level of super-manifestation using the Law of Attraction. It contains energy clearings to remove blockages to avoid unwanted results, and many energy techniques to amplify the attractive energy to the maximum.

She helps entrepreneurs boost their businesses with the magical energy techniques of Soul Vibration Marketing™.

Zoë co-wrote the book Mastering the Art of Success with Jack Canfield, which was released in July 2017. Zoë received the Best-Selling Author Award from the National Academy of Best-Selling Authors, for the book.

In the video below Jack Canfield interviews Zoë in his home in Santa Barbara, CA. They talk about their best-selling book Mastering the Art of Success and Zoë shares the basics of her magical work Be an Attractive Magnet™ and Soul Vibration Marketing™, which has led to her great success.


Jack Canfield praises Zoë's work affirming:


"This is what was missing in the movie The Secret!"