5-33 Clear Quartz Crystal The Golden Frequency


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5-33 Crystal Pendant

programmed with The Golden Frequency


This Clear Quartz Crystal pendant has been programmed by Zoë Devi with “The Golden Frequency”, i.e. 5th dimensional Christ Light (33). The crystal has been programmed according to Atlantean Crystal Technology, which is based on Zoë’s work with crystals in Atlantis.

The crystal helps the owner to keep the light strong and bright within, supporting both the holder and Earth’s Ascension. In this way, all Lightworkers can help keeping the light strong in a unified network.

The crystal has been carefully cleansed and charged both in full moon and sun light. A swirl of The Golden Frequency energy has then been programmed into the middle part, as a so-called open and anchored file, making the energy remain inside the crystal. A connection upwards and downwards has been created through the crystal, so that the holder continuously can connect to new energies. The crystal gets upgraded automatically when new energies are available to Zoë/us. The owner doesn’t need to do anything.

The round bead on top of the crystal pendant represents the Earth, the middle part the holder’s Body, and the tip of the pendant the Universe. The crystal tip points towards the holder, reminding the holder of his or her contribution to the Ascension process.

As the new energies work with you and your energy field, you will get the support you need to reprogram your body to readjust to higher and lighter frequencies.

Note! The crystal pendant should be used in moderation. It contains very strong energies, so be wary. Please cleanse the crystal under running cold water before using it. Keep the crystal as your personal item and cleanse it every so often.

Note! Don’t buy this crystal for a friend/family member/partner, unless they’ve wished for one.

Handle the pendant carefully, then it will last longer.

The fitting is in Silver.

Get more information about The Golden Frequency and DNA Activations here: https://www.zoeland.org/the-golden-frequency

For any questions, email us on contact@zoeland.org.