Clear Connecting Crystal


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Clear Connecting Crystal

programmed with Atlantean Crystal Technology


This clear quartz crystal has been programmed according to Atlantean Crystal Technology, which is based on Zoë’s work with crystals in Atlantis.

The Clear Connecting Crystal is programmed with a strong light beam to facilitate a clear connection with the higher realms and the light. The light beam has several “levels” for the different dimensions that you have the possibility to connect to.

You use the crystal by holding it in your hand(s) while you, for example meditate and you imagine connecting yourself to your spirit guide or other entities in the higher realms. Your intention determines who/what you will be in contact with.

The crystal itself and its programming strengthens the connection and makes it easier for you to keep focused and centered in the connection.

The more you use the crystal and the more you get to know it, the easier it will be to connect. Keep the crystal as your personal item and cleanse it every so often, for example in running cold water.


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