Previous 21-Day Healing Program (April 2021) – Theme: Freedom, Ease & Liberation


Expand beyond your beliefs! Get distant high frequency healing for 21 days. This journey is for those of you who desire a big change in your life, on all levels – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually…

Join the transformational journey!

Previous 21-Day Healing Program

with Zoë Devi


(from April, 2021)


Theme: Freedom, Ease and Liberation

Expand Beyond Your Beliefs



This is a previous round of the 21-Day Healing Program that had a joint start in April, 2021. The healing energy is just as powerful now as then!

For 21 days you will receive one healing session per day wherever you are in the world. Zoë gives the healing sessions remotely and she works with purifying, strengthening, balancing and upgrading your energy system by using high frequencies. Additional details regarding the theme and the schedule are included below.

You can choose to receive your healing when it best fits you whether that is during the day when you are awake or during the night when you are sleeping.

This journey is for those of you who desire a big change in your life, on all levels – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

If you wish to experience a deep purification process, get assistance to strengthen your physical health, clear old karma and raise your vibration, Zoë invites you to join this transformative process of rebirth.

Welcome the New You!


“Thank you Zoë for this wonderful program that you so lovingly share with us all. Blessings to you and to each of us on this journey.”

Linda Roberts, Fort Worth, Texas, USA

“I’m enjoying all the love and bliss during the 21-Day Healing process. Thank you all so much. I have had vertigo and dizziness for five weeks now but by the end of our first week, my dizziness is only slight and no vertigo.”

Chan Singh, Mississauga, Canada

“It’s the last day today of the 21-Day Healing Program and how can I express my deepest gratitude for the healings I’ve received these past 21 days. Today, my soul was in the presence of eternity of what I believe the “I am” to be. I felt love, beauty, hope, forgiveness, joy, freedom, ease, bliss, belonging, peace and it was so uplifting. From the depth of my heart and soul I say thank you.”

Gabriella Schonbucher, Wangi Wangi, Australia

How does the 21-Day Healing work?

  • You receive the healing energy one hour per day, either during the day or at night when asleep
  • You lie down, open up and welcome the healing energy
  • Note: There are no daily healing videos
  • The healing energy is individually adjusted and you get exactly what you need
  • We recommend that you drink a lot of water and rest during this process as your whole body is changing and adapting to a new version of yourself
  • Watch the Q&A video, where Zoë explains the whole process.


Freedom, Ease and Liberation
– Expand Beyond Your Beliefs

This process gives you the opportunity to move beyond your limitations. We highlight and find the root of your limiting beliefs, and we dissolve them by using a deep and powerful high-frequency cleansing.

After an expansion explosion beyond your limitations, the field of opportunity opens up for the reprogramming and upgrading of your energy system.

You strengthen your divine sovereignty and freedom by connecting to The Golden Light Network. In the network, you participate in a healing bath of DNA-upgrading codes of The Golden Frequency.

In the experience of freedom, you travel through the 11th Gate to the Other World, beyond our limited world. You bathe in the original and pure energies of Paradise. Memories will return to you from “times before time”, where we lived in peace, joy, and harmony, side by side. Soon thereafter, humanity went from living in full consciousness in Paradise, to a limited experience of controlled slavery. You integrate the energy of the world of origin and break through the wall of energy between our limited world and the world we come from.

Delightful healing energies will flood throughout your body, and you will receive an activation of the Christ Codes, the Unconditional Love Energy and the super-powered Energy of Kryptonite.

We finish this strong process of liberation by integrating the energy of having gone beyond limitations and experience freedom and ease in order to finally consolidate the energy completely.

We do this process for ourselves and for the collective. We break through our individual limitations, and through that as well as other powerful processes, we eliminate that limiting energy block, that wall of energy that’s been placed on top of and around humanity with the objective of controlling us. Together we’ll take down this “fence” and release ourselves from jail.

Your Ascension team is with you during the entire journey. This time your Ascension team has been expanded and is comprised of Ascension masters, highly developed masters from other civilizations, angels, and even people from “The Other World” beyond our world, from “times before time”


Active Participation

You are encouraged by the Ascension Team to be active in the process as follows. More info on your Member’s Page and in the introduction video.

1. The Heart Meditation (audio) – 5 minute guided meditation

2. Power Position (exercise) – Stand in a position for a while so you strengthen the integration of energy for expansion, freedom and ease.

3. Clarify your limitations (writing exercise prior to the process) – Zoë gives instructions in the introduction video.

4. Expand your Light (video meditation) – Connect yourself to the new earth and The Golden Light Network. Do the meditation at least five times, before and/or in the beginning of the process. It’s especially important for those of you who didn’t previously participate in the 21-Day Healing Program from December 2020, “Lightworkers Unite – Deep Trust and Activation of the Light Grid”.

5. Take notes – Write down your experiences, reactions, insights, and questions during these weeks. Take time to contemplate what they are telling you.


Extra Tools

There are two additional guided healing meditations, led by Zoë, as extra tools. This extra support will further facilitate and strengthen the process. These are especially made for those of you who don’t “see” so much during these journeys. It’s not necessary to do these extra meditations, as the healing is still just as effective!

Zoë explains more about these in the introduction video.

Healing Meditations (audio)  >> Order here

Track 1. Your Crystal Chambers (22 min)

Zoë guides you to the mother ship where the Crystal Chambers are located. You merge with your individual chamber, where your frequencies are upgraded.

Track 2. The Journey through the 11th Gate (20 min)

You’ll be led through the portal to “the place” of infinite possibilities and get to experience the sphere of total freedom.

Member’s Page

You get access to your own member’s page, where all information about the program is included, e.g. the introduction video, the schedule, the feedback videos and the Q&A section. 

You find a link with a password to your Member’s Page in your order confirmation.


Zoë introduces the 21-Day Healing Program, April 2021

Take part of a meditation, at the end of the video, where you will meet your Ascension team.



You start the progam when it suits you.

Zoë and the Ascension (healing) team works with different healing aspects and themes every single day.

Note! There are no daily healing videos or emails that will be sent out. You just lie down, open up and receive the healing energy.

Day  1: Installation in the Crystal Chambers – connecting and acclimatizing

Day  2: Crystal Chambers – calibration

Day  3: Clarify the limiting beliefs

Day  4: Strong and deep cleansing of soul memory and cellular memory

Day  5: Remove the root cause of the limitations

Day  6: Expansion explosion – breaking boundaries

Day  7: Reprogramming and upgrading

Day  8: I am free

Day  9: The power of light within – I decide

Day 10: Connecting to the Golden Light Network

Day 11: Healing bath – The Golden Frequency

Day 12: Journey through the 11th Gate—bridge to the new

Day 13: Return home to Paradise

Day 14: Being home in Paradise

Day 15: Activation of the Christ Codes

Day 16: Healing bath – Unconditional love

Day 17: Healing bath – Kryptonite

Day 18: Grounding to the new earth

Day 19: Expand beyond your limitations with freedom and ease

Day 20: Expand beyond your limitations with freedom and ease

Day 21: Consolidate the new expanded state of being.

Feedback Videos

There are 3 Feedback videos that you can take part of on the Member’s Page. After each week of the 21-Day Healing Program, Zoë connects with you through a Feedback video in which she answers questions and gives feedback on the previous week.


Facebook Group

As a participant in the program you are welcome to join our private Facebook group, 21-Day Healing Program with Zoë Devi, where you can share your experiences, interact with the other participants and ask questions directly to Zoë’s team. 


“Thank you so much for these 3 weeks. So much has changed in me. I feel more whole, more together, more ‘with it’. I can deal with the day-to-day worries and difficulties much better. Also many of my pains are less and much more manageable.”

Judit, London, UK

“A huge burden has been lifted off my shoulders. I’m experiencing deeper freedom and insight about where I come from. Now I can dedicate myself to the purpose I’m here for! To serve others to find their own light. Thanks again, I’m so unbelievably grateful that you are a tool for the light’s expansion here on earth.”

Kajsa Nilsson, Ulricehamn, Sweden


(Original price US $255 – Value of US $2550)

  • You get healing every day for 21 days!
  • You get your own Member’s Page
  • You get access to a private members-only Facebook group
  • You get support throughout the process
  • You can repeat the program as many times as you wish! The healing energy is just as powerful!
  • You get a free guided Heart Meditation (audio) ca 5 min
  • You get a free guided meditation Expand Your Light (video) ca 20 min

Extra Tools! (buy separately)

  • Healing Meditations (audio) >> Order here

      • Guide to the Crystal Chambers – Zoë guides you to the mother ship where the Crystal Chambers are located. You merge with your individual chamber, where your frequencies are upgraded.

      • Guide through the 11th Gate – You’ll be led through the portal to “the place” of infinite possibilities and get to experience the sphere of total freedom.

Cancellation policy: No refunds!


“The strongest experience during the 21-Day Healing was when I was in the Crystal Chamber the first time… Tears streamed and I felt completely surrounded by soft love, joy and inner peace. I’m so grateful for experiencing all this!”

Britt-Marie, Eksjo, Sweden

“What a feeling! What liberation! My life changed in just a few days. I felt the energy of how only positive energy flowed towards me, then it took only two days and people I’ve been missing for many years began to get in touch and want to meet! I feel how happiness is returning to me, and I can finally heal for real. Thanks for all this amazing work we do together!”

Linda Brodin, Skovde, Sweden

“During the 21-day Healing, I experienced complete liberation by being in the highest, most wonderful light! To be able to return home, deep in one’s heart and soul, has been so huge! In this whole explosion of feelings, tears have flowed, tears of joy! Thank you, Zoë, and everybody out there. I love being part of the 21-Day Healing Program…. And I am so happy!”

Maria, Sigtuna, Sweden

“This 21-Day healing really worked deeply and powerfully. It’s been so strong in its high-frequency energies that many times I fell into a deep healing sleep during the healing process. I’ve slept so much during these 21 days, something I’ve never done before.

When the Healing Bath of the Christ Codes was activated in my body I felt and saw how sparks of light of the Christ energy were lit in my energy system.

These are unbelievable forces that have been activated in all of us. Thanks again Zoë, for all this lovely healing work you do.”

Gabriella Morlin, Ornskoldsvik, Sweden

“I’m so glad to be part of the 21-Day Healing Program, which is my first. Have had amazing experiences, extraterrestrial and terrestrial. I’ve cried, laughed, and sweated. I’m experiencing lightness, freedom, and flow.”

Emma Jungel Ericson, Falun, Sweden

Nordic Light Healing™

Zoë uses Nordic Light Healing™ in the 21-Day Healing Program. This is Zoë’s “own” healing modality, where she uses extremely high vibrating and strong energies. Zoë collaborates with different masters, angels and entities from other civilizations.

By cleansing, purifying, strengthening and rebuilding the client’s energy system, Zoë creates a new energy template or blueprint for the physical body to adjust itself to.

Over the years, Zoë has used Nordic Light Healing™ with great success, from minor ailments to various physical illnesses, such as cancer, severe injuries sustained in car crashes, herniated discs, urinary tract infections, fractures, eczema and Lyme disease.

Zoë can also influence, change and transform mental, emotional and spiritual conditions by transforming negative thoughts, removing cellular memories, rewriting soul contracts and breaking energy cords to events and people, in present life or in past incarnations.

In this video Zoë tells you about her healing modality.

In this second video you can enjoy Zoë’s powerful energy transmission of Nordic Light Healing™.

Read more about Nordic Light Healing™ here.


Please have a look at the Q&A section on the 21-Day Healing Program site. For any additional queries write to us at


The 21-Day Healing sessions does not treat specific ailments, diseases or health problems, but aims to restore balance on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Therefore, Zoë does not make any promises, guarantees, and/or assurances about specific healing results or recovery. Zoë discourages you to stop taking any medication or other medical treatments without your doctor’s recommendation. Zoë is not a doctor and you are solely responsible for your own medical care.

About Zoë

Zoë, known from the successful Swedish TV-show, Life on the Other Side, is one of Scandinavia’s leading spiritual teachers. She is a sought after healer, intuitive coach, yoga teacher and workshop leader. Zoë gives classes, workshops and healing sessions all over the world.

Zoë is constantly developing new workshops and modalities. In 2009, she created the unique concept Be an Attractive Magnet™ together with her Spirit guide and other entities. Be an Attractive Magnet™ is a deep and powerful energy work that makes the users quantum leap their success to a level of super-manifestation using the Law of Attraction. It contains energy clearings to remove blockages to avoid unwanted results, and many energy techniques to amplify the attractive energy to the maximum.

She helps entrepreneurs boost their businesses with the magical energy techniques of Soul Vibration Marketing™.

Zoë co-wrote the book Mastering the Art of Success with Jack Canfield, which was released in July 2017. Zoë received the Best-Selling Author Award from the National Academy of Best-Selling Authors, for the book.

In the video below Jack Canfield interviews Zoë in his home in Santa Barbara, CA. They talk about their best-selling book Mastering the Art of Success and Zoë shares the basics of her magical work Be an Attractive Magnet™ and Soul Vibration Marketing™, which has led to her great success.


Jack Canfield praises Zoë's work affirming:


"This is what was missing in the movie The Secret!"