Rose Quartz Pendant


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Rose Quartz Pendant

programmed with Unconditional Love


This rose quartz pendant has been programmed with unconditional love by Zoë. The programming was done according to Atlantean Crystal Technology, which is based on Zoë’s work with crystals in Atlantis.

The crystal helps you to anchor the energy of unconditional love in your body and to carry the loving energy with you all the time. It also helps you to open your heart to yourself, to others, to the universe and to higher realms.

Wear the rose quartz crystal pendant and/or meditate with it to get extra support and help.

The more you use the crystal, the more you get to know it.

The fittings are in Silver.

Note! Please cleanse the crystal under running cold water before using it for the first time. Keep the crystal as your personal item and cleanse it every so often, for example in running cold water.

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