Shifting from 3D to Multidimensionality through the Zero Point Energy (mp3)


Three powerful guided meditations that aids you in the process when shifting from 3D to Multidimensionality.

In these three meditations, Zoë guides you in a process where you reconcile and honor your 3D reality before bathing in the nothingness of Zero Point Energy. Thereafter, you merge with the future higher spiritual aspect of yourself.

These meditations are part of the 21-Day Healing Program (May, 2022) with the theme Dissolve Collective Programming – Connect to the New Earth. Listen to these as part of the process in the program (not during the healing sessions).

You can also listen to these meditations even though you are not a participant in the program.

Track 1 – Reconciliation with and Honoring of 3D (21 min)

A guided process where through the honor of what has been you have an opportunity to be reconciled with it and thus go beyond it.

Track 2 – Meditation in the Zero Point Energy (16 min)

A guided meditation where you are led to the field of infinite possibilities. You land in a neutral place inside yourself and bathe in a state of nothingness, Samadhi. Here you establish a contact with and anchor the Zero Point Energy.

Track 3 – Your Quantum Leap to the New Earth (20 min)

A guided healing meditation where you get the opportunity to merge with your future higher spiritual aspect.

Total time: 57 min


“Such wonderful meditations; so lovely, soft, profound and transformative in their messages. Zoë’s voice and way of speaking go straight into the heart and conveys so much love. I started crying and had a big lump in my throat during track 3 – it is so strong and beautiful! To meet myself, my origin, my future-self behind the veil. I was caught off guard by how great my longing is for our true origin, for purity and to nurture and respect the earth and all living beings.”

Elisabeth, Norrköping, Sweden


“I deeply felt ‘Your Quantum Leap to the New Earth’. As soon as I peeked through the veil I burst into tears, both out of love and out of longing. When we merged I cried again…”

Carina Lodén-Nilsson, Våle, Sweden


“During ‘Your Quantum Leap to the New Earth’ a large, long-legged bird appeared and in its beak it carried a crystal which it placed in my heart. Right there and then everything became crystal clear and now I know that it is here in the higher energies that I will stay.”

Päivi Koskela, Eskilstuna, Sweden


“Your Quantum Leap to the New Earth is so profound. I’ve cried during every meditation.”

Britt Molander, Linköping, Sweden


© & ℗ Zoëland 2022
Produced, scripted and read by: Zoë

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About Zoë

Zoë, known from the successful Swedish TV-show, Life on the Other Side, is one of Scandinavia’s leading spiritual teachers. She is a sought after healer, intuitive coach, yoga teacher and workshop leader. Zoë gives classes, workshops and healing sessions all over the world.

Zoë is constantly developing new workshops and modalities. In 2009, she created the unique concept Be an Attractive Magnet™ together with her Spirit guide and other entities. Be an Attractive Magnet™ is a deep and powerful energy work that makes the users quantum leap their success to a level of super-manifestation using the Law of Attraction. It contains energy clearings to remove blockages to avoid unwanted results, and many energy techniques to amplify the attractive energy to the maximum.

She helps entrepreneurs boost their businesses with the magical energy techniques of Soul Vibration Marketing™.

Zoë co-wrote the book Mastering the Art of Success with Jack Canfield, which was released in July 2017. Zoë received the Best-Selling Author Award from the National Academy of Best-Selling Authors, for the book.

In the video below Jack Canfield interviews Zoë in his home in Santa Barbara, CA. They talk about their best-selling book Mastering the Art of Success and Zoë shares the basics of her magical work Be an Attractive Magnet™ and Soul Vibration Marketing™, which has led to her great success.


Jack Canfield praises Zoë's work affirming:


"This is what was missing in the movie The Secret!"