Psychic Coaching


Zoë has a phenomenal ability to read people’s soul energy. Without meeting the person and without even knowing the person´s name, Zoë can see and give life changing guidance from the higher realms. It can be blockages that prevent the person from living their purpose and guidance on how he / she can grow on all levels – spiritual, emotional, mental and physical.


A journey back to past lives can solve the patterns and blockages that you may be stuck in, whether it concerns a disease, relationships or anything else in your life. When memories are raised, healing on a cellular level is possible. Zoë has a great ability to see the root cause of dysfunctional patterns today and can solve energy knots related to these, with her healing energies.

So you can come home to Self Empowerment!


Each session is completely unique and the information may include everything from how to improve the diet to that the client is stuck in another Universe (!). Often events from past lives arises to get solved, soul contracts revealed, the main cause of imbalances, illnesses and injuries etc. may come to the surface.

You will be guided for the highest good and you never know what information may come forward.

Make sure to check out the session Star Family Reconnection, where you connect with your star sisters and brothers.

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Psychic Coaching

Based on your questions, Zoë guides you in your personal and spiritual development, in everyday life or in deeper questions.

Please NOTE! Zoë does not predict your future! Zoë guides you for your highest good, so that you can reach your highest potential. You make your own choices and take responsibility for your own life.

You book your session below and send your questions before your scheduled time.

Sessions are given through Skype, telephone and in person when Zoë is traveling.


100USD (30 min)

Psychic Coaching and Healing


Here, the guidance in the coaching session is combined with a healing session. This supports you further and support you to free yourself from what you no longer need. Zoë’s ability to both see and solve energy knots creates the possibility of deep healing.


180USD (1 hr)


“Thank you my angel. You help me so much with your energy and the information you receive. It feels good and I have changed to the better.”

Mats Andersson, Trelleborg


“Greatful that you became my healer, an incredibly powerful experience!”

Anna Hedlund, Vaxjo


“I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful healing you gave me. I am so incredibly grateful that our paths crossed. I feel so much better, a completely different feeling in my body. Now there is a new strength o force. Thanks for the “divine reading”. Our session was absolutely wonderful, fantastic and magical, I am so grateful for all the help I receive from you on my journey. You’re doing Miracles of Love!”

Torborg Marklund, Sundsvall


“i just want to say that this was the most powerful, deep and wonderful healing session I have ever experienced, was in Sweden this summer with Zoë. She was channeling at the same time as she untied emotional knots and blockages. I give her my warmest recommendations. She is well worth the money.”

Mariel Kvaale, Oslo

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Zoë gives sessions both online and in person. Check the Calendar for her schedule.

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The session does not treat specific ailments, diseases or health problems, but aims to restore balance on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Therefore, Zoë does not make any promises, guarantees, and/or assurances concerning specific healing results or recovery, from the session. Zoë discourages you to stop taking any medication or other medical treatments without your doctor’s recommendation. Zoë is not a doctor and you are solely responsible for your own medical care.