We all have a strong desire to move on to the next chapter in the history of Earth.

We are really tired of war and misery, control and tyranny.

Many of us are also feeling the heavy collective energies very strongly at this time, and it can be very challenging to maintain a high frequency during this challenging yet transformative time.

Life in 3D has been tough… but also very educational. We have grown so much!

For every step we have taken, for every lesson we have learned, we have climbed the developmental ladder of the soul. Let’s give ourselves a pat on the back—we’ve done a great job!

To be able to move forward in the Ascension, it’s important to reconcile, and disconnect from, 3D.

This means that we need to complete our homework in 3D and transcend our karmic cycles in order to step into the next level, which is a multidimensional existence.

We can compare spiritual development to grades in the school system. We need to complete certain levels in order to move on to the next stage, or grade.

Life will offer us the opportunity to repeat the same grade as many times as we need until we have learned the lessons associated with that grade. There are no limits to the number of times we can repeat a particular stage in life.

For the past two years I have been in an active reconciliation process, where I have consciously reconciled with everything that has been in the third dimension.

I have twisted and turned my resistance to things and events in 3D: people, relationships, situations, social structures, diet, music, film, etc.

Instead of seeing things through a lens of judgment, I have observed them through a lens of unconditional love and from a place of non-attachment. In doing so, I have closed my own karmic cycles.

By being willing to learn from painful experiences and unconditionally loving myself and others through the process, I have honored and reconciled with 3D.

I invite you to contemplate about what you have not yet reconciled in 3D and that which you feel resistance towards, and to embrace it with love.

Feel a sense of gratitude for all the experiences you have had in 3D, including the people you have met, the situations you have experienced, and the choices you have made. Then think about what aspects of 3D you have taken in and are still taking in today: music, diet, TV/radio. Feel into it and sense whether this belongs to 3D or if it is of a higher frequency?

The multidimensional being exists beyond 3D, at a much higher frequency level. This means that in order for us to live in that higher frequency, our own frequency needs to match it. We can do this by bringing in more high frequency energy in everything we are and do.

The first step is to honor and reconcile with 3D.

The second step is to actively choose a higher frequency in everything we experience, breathe, consume, etc.

During the 21-Day Healing Program, “Dissolve Collective Programs – Connect to the New Earth”, participants are encouraged to do a reconciliation process where everything in 3D is honored.

For this round of the 21-Day Healing Program, there will be an extra recording where you get the opportunity to honor everything in 3D in a powerful reconciliation process. 

In the video below, I speak more about this exciting theme of reconciliation and the importance of this process during the Ascension.

Much love,