Reconnective Healing®

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Immensely powerful healing energy! Completely natural. It helps to restore the body’s balance and is a great opportunity for healing – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Ongoing research at Stanford University, among others has been done. Great success, both scientifically and in practice.

1-3 sessions are enough.

US $120 per session (45 minutes) in person or on distance.

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Reconnective Healing® is a very high vibrational energy with an intelligence that knows exactly where to begin the process toward balance. You get access to a more comprehensive spectrum of healing frequencies than has previously been available on Earth. Reconnective Healing® energy includes not only the previously known forms of healing, such as Reiki, but expands far beyond.

The healing energy reconnects you so that you get the opportunity to reach your full potential and become who you really are.

It’s different! – It’s for real! – It is a new approach to the body’s ability to heal itself!

About Dr Eric Pearl

Dr. Eric Pearl, was a very successful chiropractor for 12 years, when he in 1993, after a series of different experiences, discovered that he had received “the gift”. His patients reported one after another of miraculous cures and improvements of cancer, AIDS-related diseases, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis (MS), rheumatoid arthritis, cerebral palsy (CP) and other “incurable” diseases.

This happened when he held his hands near them and it still continues to happen, many of them receiving Reconnective Healing®. Many of the miraculous stories are documented in 6 books.

Learn more about Dr Eric Pearl

Dr. Eric Pearl travels around the world to teach Reconnective Healing®, and his book “The Reconnection – Heal Others Heal Yourself” has been translated into 39 languages. Eric has been endorsed by such notables as Deepak Chopra and he has appeared in numerous television shows around the world. He has been invited to speak at the UN, interviewed by, among others, “The New York Times” and performed before a packed Madison Square Garden. In June 2010, he was invited to the Norwegian royal family for a talk.


Doctors and researchers around the world are completely baffled by the stunning energy effects and have conducted an intensive research to understand the phenomenon of Reconnective Healing®.

The researchers have seen that the Reconnective Healing® energy is clearly measurable. It gives clear changes to the EEG and ECG. The research has been conducted by Dr. William Tiller, Dr. Konstantin Korotkov and Dr. Gary Schwartz among others.

Summery of the scientific results:

Here are links to some of the researchers’ respective websites:

Dr. William Tiller 


Dr. Konstantin Korotkov

> and

Dr. Gary E. Schwartz


Dr. Konstantin Korotkov has collected his research on Reconnective Healing in the book ”Science Confirms Reconnective Healing”.


Read more and order the book HERE>> 

Reconnctive healing bok

Miraculous stories
With so many miraculous healings that have occurred since the 90s with Reconnective Healing, we have long ago lost count. It’s cancer, cerebral injuries, MS, Fibromyalgia, congenital defects, epilepsy, rheumatism and fast cures of wounds, bones and other physical injuries, etc. that have occurred.

The list just keeps getting longer and longer.

Different persons miraculous stories of healing can be found here:

What can you expect?


Although many experiences amazing healings, you can never predict what Reconnective Healing has in mind for you. Three people with the same symptoms / diagnosis may get totally different results. Everyone’s experience with Reconnective Healing is unique.

Neither I, as a practitioner, or you as a client can direct the energy, it is intelligent and know exactly where and how it is most beneficial for you. So, it might not turn out as you expected, but probably something much more.

When will the healing take place?
You get the Reconnective Healing energy directly during a session. It can take time to accept and to actually receive the healing. Some experience a real improvement, and for others the healing takes place after a few days, weeks, months or years in the future. It happens just when it is most suitable for you.
How many sessions do you need?
In general it is enough with 1-3 sessions. Many testify that there is something special about the third session, compared with the first two. But, even here, it is very individual. Feel what suits you! The time between sessions is also very diverse, ranging from one day up to a year.
Can everyone get healed?
According to swedish and international law, Zoe cannot say that she can heal various injuries, illness etc. See the Disclaimer below. But it is obvious that strong healing processes have started for the clients and miraculous healing has taken place. However, it is important to remember that every individual has their journey through life, and what is meant to be for one person may not be the same to anyone else.

An example: Two people break their leg at exactly the same way with same amount of  extensive damage and apparently has the same opportunities to heal, just as fast. Both come to Zoë to receive healing. One person heals much faster than is normal, while it takes the normal amount of time or even longer time for the second person.

It can be that the other person needs a long time in silence, because the person is experiencing the stressful situation in his life. Maybe that person needs to reflect on his/her life and if he/she is living life as he/she is destined for.

Reconnective Healing® in media


You can fins newspaper articles, Podcasts, Radio- och TV shows around the world here (under the media tab).


Reconnective Healing® is opening new doors to healing

– Will you choose to step in?


“Thank you my angel. You helped me so much with your energy and the information you received. It feels so good and I have changed for the better.”

Mats Andersson, Trelleborg, Sweden


“Grateful that you became my healer, an incredibly powerful experience!”

Anna Hedlund, Vaxjo, Sweden


“I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful healing you gave me. I am so incredibly grateful that our paths crossed. I feel so much better, a completely different feeling in my body. Now, there is a new strength and force.

Thanks for the “divine reading”. Our session was absolutely wonderful, fantastic and magical. I am so grateful for all the help I receive from you on my journey. You’re doing Miracles of Love!”

Torborg Marklund, Sundsvall, Sweden



“I just want to say that this was the most powerful, deep and wonderful healing session I have ever experienced. Zoë was channeling at the same time as she untied emotional knots and blockages. I give her my warmest recommendations. She is well worth the money.”

Mariel Kvaale, Oslo, Norway

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