The last word from me at the WakeUp Conference in Örebro came with a swear word. I don’t typically swear, but it came so strongly to me. “Step into your power for Christ’s sake!”

The best you can do for yourself and the world right now is to fully be yourself, and step into your own great power.

Use your courage and step out onto the stage of life and show the world who you are. For real! In your own way.

It is now high time to really step into your full power, to dare to be yourself, and to be authentic.

Now that we’re in this big Shift to the new, it’s unbelievably important that you are in contact with your true self – your soul’s essence.

If you’re not in alignment with who you really are, it’s easy to hop on a train that’s going to a destination you don’t want to go to. So be careful about who you choose to be.

For all these years I’ve been an advocate for coming home to your own power and the light within, and letting it shine brightly!

An important part of this is to take back your own energies that have been placed with or given to other people, situations you can’t release, past lives with unresolved traumas, etc.

There are many ways in which we can have parts of our energy in places other than within ourselves. It’s totally normal, but it’s also important to reclaim the energy you need for yourself.

Many times it’s important to separate yourself from a situation or person to which or whom you’ve given your energy, for some reason or another, so that you can come home to yourself again.

Reclaiming your energies also means that you gather all your positive gifts and experiences from all lives and that you implement them again in your current life.

An integration of all lives is happening right now, where you bring back to you all that you’ll gather from all incarnations, both from “negative” and “positive” experiences. You reclaim that which is yours, that which belongs to you, your soul.

We’ve come to a point in our evolution where we’re taking back ALL our distributed energies so that we can take the next step forward.

You think of your soul like an octopus that needs to gather all your various energies to the “place” you are in right now.

It’s also important right now when hierarchies fall, that we feel our strong power within. Because when everything falls, what remains is ourselves and our individual power. We stand there like strong light pillars in a fallen world.

During the upcoming 21-Day Healing Program we’ll work with just that – reclaiming all of our power and standing firmly in it.

This happens especially during Day 14: Reinforcement and Stabilization of Your Light Network and Day 15: Strengthen your sovereignty.

The work with this happens both energetically with healing and through active participation where you are invited to do an exercise everyday. You are encouraged to do a Tapping exercise everyday. With this exercise, you will reprogram your body and energy while tapping on certain chakras and repeating strengthening sentences.

During some days of the healing we’ll actively work to return your energies to you.

We’ll also disconnect and draw back some of the energies you’ve put in other places. If tight knots still exist, we need to loosen them first so the energy can be brought back to you. We do what we can to both release and return the energy.

Sometimes this can mean that what needs to be released is clarified for you, like patterns for example, so you yourself can work at releasing them.

As a way to strengthen coming home to yourself, you can even do the short Tapping exercise everyday in which you use your own body.

During recent years I’ve used a form of tapping, but I haven’t tapped on the typical points than one does with EFT. Instead, I’ve tapped on the chakras to reprogram things that aren’t beneficial to me. That can be old beliefs or perceptions that no longer serve me, and that I’ve needed to transform. I share this specific exercise in the introduction video below at 41:00 min. That way you can use it regardless of whether or not you participate in the 21-Day healing.

The so called “Active participation” during the 21-Day Healing Program consists of a few exercises that you do voluntarily. I give the instructions for all of the exercises the Heart Meditation, Core breathing, and tapping in the introduction video below at 37:30 minutes.

By strengthening your own light network you reclaim your own energy, your total sovereignty.

This is your personal power that nobody prevails over. You are completely intact and you “own yourself”. You don’t give consent to anyone you don’t want to. You establish boundaries that feel right for you.

Welcome home to yourself!

Much love,