Soul Vibration Marketing™

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Magical energy techniques from the concept Be an Attractive Magnet™ help entrepreneurs and businesses to maximize their success using their soul´s vibration as a marketing tool.



Use Soul Vibration Marketing™ to:

– Create your unique energy brand through your heart.

– Charge your products and services with your soul´s vibration.
– Easily draw clients and customers to your business.
– Attract successful business partners and co-workers.

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Jack Canfield praises Zoë´s work


Jack interviews Zoë in his home in Santa Barbara, CA. They talk about the Best-Selling book Mastering the Art of Success, which they co-wrote. Zoë shares the basics of her magical work Be an Attractive Magnet™ and Soul Vibration Marketing™, which has led her to her great success.


In this video, Zoë and Jack discuss our success potential from an energy perspective and Zoë´s new release Soul Vibration Marketing™.



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What is Soul Vibration Marketing™?


Zoë introduces the magic of Soul Vibration Marketing™.

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Zoë writes about her concepts Be an Attractive Magnet™ and Soul Vibration Marketing™

in her part of the book called “Follow Your Soul´s Blueprint to Success”.

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I’ve never had so much contact with men as I did this summer, I even had difficulty to choose … haha ​​… and not to mention money..WOW!! There have been a lot of unexpected … I can feel how it vibrates within me.”

Maria, Orebro


“Your workshop God is the Bank, when we “tore apart our contracts”, has really worked!

And I attracted the soul mate I was looking for, at the same workshop. ”

Ninnie Sjosten, Ronneby


”It was quite amazing to find my own creative power in the safe and loving environment that Zoë creates.”

Susanne Rosblad-Kallin, Stockholm


 By listening to Zoë telling her truth from her heart, we find our own truth! You learn to regain the energy that you always had.”

Lisette Alfredsson, Gothenburg


 I am so grateful that this workshop exists! It has given me great tools and experiences how I can (co-) create my creativity! Zoë invites you to explore amazing life skills and a great creative meeting! Thanks!”

Ea Bergstrand, Gothenburg


“I feel magical and full of power. I have a great love for myself, I feel confident and have opened up to receive. Thank you Zoë for sharing this with the world!”

Asa Soderlund, Nykoping


The workshop was strong, beautiful and with a flowing energy. I feel uplifted, happy and hopeful for the future! I will definitely participate in more of Zoë´s workshops. I highly recommend her!”

Linda Ellbén, Stockholm


Great and powerful exercises! Big clean-up and major energy work. I received a lot of clarity. Zoë is amazing and I want to participate in more workshops after this one.”

Josefine Fallgren, Stockholm


Fantastic, informative and eye-opening workshop about limitations, and above all how you can free yourself from them! Zoë feels solid and credible in her knowledge and experience. I appreciate the honest and personal details that she shared. I highly recommend this course to everyone – to release your own and the collective forces! This course was an emotional liberation!”

Sofia, Gotland


”Our inspiring and warm teacher Zoë has lovely touches of humor. It made the workshop easy and joyful. It really feels as if I have learnt money flowing energy techniques that will be very helpful.”

Kicki Nygards, Ekero


Zoë gave away a lot of herself and of her history, and inspired great confidence in me. I recommend everyone who wants to change and break old patterns of thinking when it comes to money, to take this workshop. Zoë generously helps everyone to access abundance of money. “

Lotta Stuzenbecker, Stockholm


”I believe that this workshop will be a turning point and an upgrade in my life. Serious content rendered in a soft and empathetic manner.

Kerstin, Norrtalje


”Good focus, I feel hopeful and powerful. I look forward to my abundance!”

Lena, Skondal


With her inspiring energy in combination with a lot of knowledge, Zoë brings out the best in all the people at the workshop. Her humor opened us up to receive the tools she distributed. “

Madeleine, Stockholm