Star Family Reconnection

At the moment, Zoë is not available for any private sessions!

Do you long to get in touch with your Star Family?

Do you want to communicate with your sisters and brothers from other planets?

Zoë connects and activates you with your star family from other planets, for you to be able to start a contact and/or even start communicating with your star family. It is a beautiful ceremony when you reconnect with your star sisters and brothers, that is reaching out a loving hand to you.

They want to connect with you. They long for you.

US $100 per session (60 minutes) in person.

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Life on Other Planets

That life exists on other planets seems natural for most people at this point. The probability is at least very large. It’s also quite possible that they are more advanced in their development than we are.

However, it may seem foreign to many that we could feel a connection with them on a deeper level. The solidarity that still exist there, is linked to many of us, maybe to all of us.

We have in previous lifetimes incarnated on these planets and thus have memories and experiences from there. At least that is the case for Zoë.

Star Families Assist

In these turbulent times of the Earth being transformed, it is said that we get assistance from our ‘Star families’. They want to help us to find new solutions to our global problems.

It is because of this that they want to get in closer contact with us.

The condition for their contact is an invitation from us, because we live in a free-will-zone. At present, most people are too frightened, which unfortunately prevents contact.

But, they’re like us, only more developed and loving.

What a Session is like

Zoë will contact your Star Family, that is, your sisters and brothers from your “home planet” that you come from. Their words and energy comes through Zoë to you.

Zoë then connects  a communication wire, in the form of energy, from you to them, so that you can more easily communicate with each other.

The ceremony uses crystals. You can bring a small clear quartz crystal and Zoë will connect you and “them” in this crystal. You can then use the crystal at home as a reinforcing tool when you contact them.


“Thank you my angel. You helped me so much with your energy and the information you received. It feels so good and I have changed for the better.”

Mats Andersson, Trelleborg, Sweden


“Grateful that you became my healer, an incredibly powerful experience!”

Anna Hedlund, Vaxjo, Sweden


“I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful healing you gave me. I am so incredibly grateful that our paths crossed. I feel so much better, a completely different feeling in my body. Now, there is a new strength and force.

Thanks for the “divine reading”. Our session was absolutely wonderful, fantastic and magical. I am so grateful for all the help I receive from you on my journey. You’re doing Miracles of Love!”

Torborg Marklund, Sundsvall, Sweden



“I just want to say that this was the most powerful, deep and wonderful healing session I have ever experienced. Zoë was channeling at the same time as she untied emotional knots and blockages. I give her my warmest recommendations. She is well worth the money.”

Mariel Kvaale, Oslo, Norway

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