Just a step away from Santa Monica, the style and the people change. From a more luxurious lifestyle, Venice is far more raw and dirty. Venice is all about street performers, artists, open air gyms, pumped up bodies. Fascinating to say the least! Among others, we met the lovely street artist Reed. What a warm heart! [icon name=”heart-o” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Watch the video below or on my Facebook and Instagram, of us and his fine explanation of the little artwork I bought from him. The artwork is, of course, in my favorite color pink! In Venice, it also became clear what the legalization of Marijuana in California has led to. In every other corner, there are “Green Doctors”, i.e. a shop where you can buy “grass”.
 Venice is partly covered by the dense smell of grass, and I almost got a panic attack from the passive smoking. Cannabis oil has been shown to produce positive results in cancer treatments, but smoking Marijuana has completely different consequences. Unfortunately, it cannot be avoided here in Venice.
 Love from Venice! Zoë [icon name=”heart” class=”” unprefixed_class=””]