During my ongoing meeting with Jack and his team, it was time for the Light chain, as always on Tuesdays from 8.30-8.45pm European Standard Time. The universe arranged itself so well that I could do this light work in a moment of peace and quiet.
I had already created a pillar of light that went straight into the ground and spread to everyone who participated in this. The plate that prevented Mother Earth’s energy was loosened and the feminine energy poured completely from the earth. It was wonderful!! Here are some of the comments from participants:
“I could see a light raid in the sky when the light gathering started!”
“Experience how mother earth gets support by the wonderful light that supports her …”
“The energy starts sipping from below … through tough hard rock.”
“There was a link between below and above! As I see it passage should only widen and stabilize!”
Oh! So beautiful! Thanks!
“The last thing I saw was that the plates became like a cloud that went away and it could flow over the earth so the kernel was free!”
“Just saying wow! My experience is that it came strong from above and over land, as a chain that also flew through the waters, with the help of our friends there, the underwater world of animals.”
“I saw a big light whirl, like shining crystals in different colors, glittering everywhere until my ears where ringing!”
As the chain was formed, a powerful white light lit up throughout California. I saw the tectonic plates like yin o yang with a canyon between – where the female was stuck. We covered the stuck plate with silver and activated the female follow-up energy. Two light swords penetrated the earth’s crust from the universe above, and joined what needed to be connected. Female energies were released which subsequently danced in colorful harmonies. The whole earth was affected and a white light spread throughout mother earth.

Thank you all for this loving experience!
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