When my Twin Flame was alive he often said “It feels like there’s something I need to do… for the world… some Lightwork or something similar… something that has to do with the Ascension… but I don’t know what it is… What should I do?

“What should I do?” was a constant question, and it was as if he couldn’t see anything about his mission. He often turned to me and asked me to do a reading about it. I was able to get some pieces of the puzzle but far from all of them. He was often frustrated by the situation. I was too. We both felt that there was something he was supposed to share with others but couldn’t get any information. It was as if he didn’t have access to it.

Many times I experienced that I/we were hindered by dark forces in our mission. They tried to thwart us all these years, but couldn’t. Even if we had to carry out the mission differently than it should have been; even if he went over to the other side and I am still here. So be it.

Here we are. Large parts of the mission will come into place during and even after the upcoming 21-Day Healing Program. In a first phase, a bunch of activations for the participants will occur.

We’re both completely thrilled! Finally!

During this phase, he’ll be working with different activations of the body and the energy field around it. This is a preparation and support for the Ascension.

This whole 21-Day healing aims to prepare us and the earth for The Event—the large energy wave or those small energy waves that are coming.

These activations can mean different things for different people. The activation that my Twin Flame did for a friend of mine focused around her right ear. I wrote to her about the activation that I had received from him in May 2020, and when she pulled up the email, she could hardly read it because it was full of energy codes that were flowing into her from the screen.

Later my Twin Flame came to visit her and said that he was going to do an activation for her.

After her activation experience, focusing on the right ear, a magical ability was activated. She began to overhear distant conversations. It began with her hearing a conversation between two politicians who were far from her in any physical sense. They weren’t talking about anything secret; it was more of a typical conversation. This continued, and she heard conversations between people in the neighborhood, on the street, and at a gas station a few miles away. This ability to overhear distant conversations has continued ever since…

On May 17, my Twin Flame activated my third eye, and it was among the strongest experiences I’ve ever had.

I felt a strong pressure on my forehead and it opened up a light tunnel in my third eye. I saw a strong golden light swirling with energy codes. The tunnel ended at what I experienced as the 11th Gate—the 11th portal.

The information I’ve had up until now from the 11th Gate is that it is the portal between this world and the worlds/dimensions that we are able to access and move between, after the Ascension.

We’re at a stage where we have the possibility to release 3D and have access to other dimensions, e.g. other versions of the world and even other worlds, with our body… or in any case, with our multi-dimensional half-physical/half-energy body, called the Crystal body.

By opening up now to step into this portal together, we make the process easier for ourselves and for others.

These 21-Day healings are never a must-do in order to have access to specific energies, information or portals, but they do function as a support in the Ascension.

On May 18, my Twin Flame performed an activation of a new chakra for me, which was also a very strong process and experience.

It was as if I somehow got access to more of myself in some way.

There are even two other activations that my Twin Flame will do for me and the participants of the 21-day healing: activations of new nodes and a Crystal body activation.

The new nodes that will be activated during the process are new junctions in your energy system that will make it stronger, more stable and more intact. It’s like a preparation for the Crystal body activation.

The Crystal body is a new version of the physical body and can hold more light within it. It’s more of an energy body than it was previously. It’s less intact, less dense and more airy and fluid in a way. The Crystal body is the body we’ll transform into during the Ascension process, and that you can support with things like actively working on yourself and your thoughts, releasing old traumas and belief systems… and at the very least, giving yourself things that have high vibrations like food, film, music, associations, etc.

You can get a first taste of an activation by my Twin Flame at the end of the Introduction Video below, where he works with activations of different points on the head.

In the Activation video below I also talk about the different Activations.

Hope to see you for this journey!

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Much love,