Do you feel at peace? 

Can you feel the deep inner peace in your body?

Can you rest in the feeling of being held in your life, regardless of what is going on?

Can you relax in the knowing that you are fully supported?

We’ve been born into the experience of separation because this is what we have chosen to experience. We have chosen to feel separated from God.

The experience of being separated from one’s origin creates a strong fear within us.

“There is no one that can take care of me. I have to fend for myself. I am all alone. I will not receive any help. I am left out.”

It is this deep fear that we face in everything that is happening in the collective field right now. 

It is this contract—the Contract of Separation—that we now have the opportunity to dissolve collectively.

We have entered into several collective contracts to get the most out of the experiences of this world. However, we probably couldn’t have imagined how challenging it would be to live a life without a clear and direct connection to God.

But, oh, how much we grow and evolve as souls in this experience of separation from Source.

We entered into this incarnation with a contract that said, “We are mortal”. This is what I call the “mortality contract” and it is interconnected with the “separation contract”. 

We have a foundational programming that applies to “life on earth”, which states that we live here and now to then die and disappear.

Many people may have intellectually understood that they continue to live on after death and that the soul wanders on to other dimensions, into other bodies, into other solar systems, and lives physically and non-physically in other places.

But to understand it mentally is one thing, and to really feel and experience it in the body, with one’s soul, is completely different.

I remember a past life regression I did around 2006, where I experienced my own death under hypnosis. I was taken back to a previous lifetime where I passed away far too young and I got to experience the feeling when my soul left the body.

My experience was that I was still very much “alive” but in another form. The self as an energy, as a soul, still existed as usual, but was not bound to the body.

I saw myself from above and I saw my dead body on the ground. It was profound to experience that I am in fact not my body. I am my soul.

In that experience, I understood on a deeper level that we are all immortal.

I had known about it for a long time in my mind. It has been my belief ever since childhood. However, the process of being able to experience this with my entire being and really feel that I continued to exist, changed my outlook and I released and healed many foundational fears. 

This deep contact with one’s immortality allows inner peace to be established within.

The next step in developing a strong trust and a deep peace in everything that is happening right now, is to live in contact with the Source.

Having anchored the divine light and unconditional love in our bodies and in our hearts gives us 100% faith and confidence that “Everything will be ok!

This stable feeling in the body takes you into the highest timeline, the bright and joyful timeline, which creates the New Earth.

Something I’ve learned and worked with over the years in mastering manifestation, is to create and establish different energetic states, which then create that which I want to experience in my life.

This works on both an individual level and a collective level.

This is beyond the “Power of Thought”. These are the states of experience and emotions that generate energy and that you fill your whole being with.

You become the energy of “trust”.

You become the energy of “letting go”.

You allow the frequency of abundance to fill every single cell and every atom in your body so that you BECOME money and you BECOME abundance. And so it is created.

By creating a state of deep trust within your body, you stay on the path that leads you to the bright times we are now creating together. You see the new world clearly on the horizon in front of you.

The path is clear, and your sense of ease and peace is what gets you there.

Trust is what brings you that which you desire.

Trust is your means of transport. And even though you do not yet see the desired result, you consciously journey through life with trust. It gives you the relaxed feeling of being held.

You are held by God. It is the divine, the Source, that carries you in its arms to the new. God in you leads you home to the divine, to yourself.

All you have to do is trust the process, relax and allow yourself to be carried through the journey.

When we do not see the desired result at once, our trust in God is tested.

Patience is strengthened in the time lag. We get to practice feeling confident, even though the change has not yet taken place on the physical plane. 

Patience and trust are the bridge to the new.

It’s your connection to the new world. You trust the Universe, God, and Source that everything that happens leads you there, and you trust yourself and your own ability to cope with what you have undertaken. 

Was there any aspect of what I just wrote that you do not feel you trust? If so, it indicates that you have a block to remove.

The most important thing in developing this deep peace and steadfast trust is to bridge the separation.

The experience of separation is something we have all agreed to experience by signing the collective separation contract. For thousands of years, we have experienced ourselves as separated from our origin, from Source or God.

We have all experienced the deep pain this causes, and we can all recognize ourselves seeking love, in one way or another.  

Most often, this translates into seeking a Love Partner. Think of all the late-night girls’ get-togethers, maybe shedding a tear or two, all the boy talk, or girl talk… What we’ve actually been engaging in is the deep longing for the One Great Love that is our divine origin.

All addictions, such as alcohol, sugar, gambling, etc., demonstrate failed attempts to fill the internal empty void created by the separation from God. All of us share the same strong longing for our true origin in Love.

We are here now to bridge that separation.

We are here to merge again with our divine origin, in our incarnated physical form. We are done with the separation contract, and we can now merge with Source, and bring heaven to earth.

When we anchor light and love in our bodies, we bring it to the earth plane and this is what creates a whole new world. We recreate and bridge the separation through the experience of God in us.

This fusion with God occurs in the present now-moment.

It happens in the complete presence in your body, in your heart. The fusion takes place when you let go of not being sufficient or feeling unworthy, of feeling guilt or shame, or that you are somehow wrong…

Because when you open up and allow God’s light to seep into your heart again, the fusion can begin.

The Light and Love have always been here for and in you.

All you have to do is to open up and receive.

Once you integrate these parts of deep trust and fuse with Source into your manifestation practice, you take the Law of Attraction to completely new levels! 

In the video below, I reflect more on the fact that trust and patience are the bridge to the New Earth.

Feel the deep peace of trust and patience for you going forward!

With love,