In the Ascension process we all have to expand our consciousness and bend our belief systems. Everything we have learned is now rewritten.

A lot, if not everything, in our history books has to be erased and replaced with new information.

We are awakening to a whole new TRUTH!

Recently, some new information has awakened in me through a friend of mine. She reminded me of dormant knowledge that I wasn’t aware of a couple of weeks ago.

Similarly, I want to remind you of The Forgotten Paradise, the earth at times before time. I want you to remember the period between the time of Atlantis and now. Remember the time just before we went into limited consciousness again.

Is there really a time period, not too long ago, where we were about to come back to full consciousness? Maybe around 300 years ago?

And just before regaining our slumbering wisdom, the door was shut once again. And, we fell… to a lower consciousness once more.

And what is our true history? Could it be that a lot of what we have learned in school is false?

Today, I invite you to expand your awareness and start to remember where you came from before you entered this experiment of limited consciousness.

I’m not talking about where you were before you incarnated, but rather the place you were before our world entered the period of darkness that we now are breaking free from.

We have been kept in a bubble, like a dome made of glass. To a large extent, the outside world has never been able to reach us.

Do you remember what is outside this glass bubble?

During the 21-Day Healing Program with the theme Freedom, Ease and Liberation – Expand beyond your beliefs, we will revisit the Paradise beyond this glass dome.

We will allow the energy in that outer realm to enter our bodies, and we will bathe in the energy of Paradise. You integrate the energy of the world of origin and break through the wall of energy between our limited world and the world we come from.

During this process, people from the earth outside this bubble will be on your Ascension team and your healing team.

You will meet them, and they will assist you with their beautiful unconditional love.

During the 21-Day Healing Program you will also receive several healing baths. You will receive the energy of kryptonite, which is a super empowering energy, also from the outside world.

You will receive The Golden Frequency, which is a DNA upgrading code, and you will also receive the Christ codes, which activate Christ consciousness.

Please note: There are many different ways of activating your inner Christ light, that we all have innately. This is just one method.

You will also receive unconditional love in a beautiful and soothing healing bath.

Watch the videoThe Forgotten Paradise, Christ Codes, The World Outside Ours” below, where I explain more in detail about these parts of the program.

Read more about the 21-Day Healing Program here!

I welcome you activate your memory of Paradise from times before time during this epic journey of the 21-Day Healing Program!

Much love,