The Golden Frequency

The Golden Frequency uses the Golden Cosmic Network, which was established at the activation of the Codes of Atlantis. See DNA activations for more information.

The Golden Frequency is programmed in the 5-33 Crystal pendant. Zoë also shares the energy through videos, recordings and public workshops.

The programmed 5-33 crystals are continually upgraded.

The last upgrade was made in April 2018.

Upgrading Your DNA

The Golden Frequency is a 5-dimensional Light of Christ. This light contains large numbers of new codes, to be set in our DNA during the Ascension process. By taking part of that energy your DNA is activated and upgraded.


At the last fall of Atlantis, most of our DNA was shut down and a lot of our DNA was cut out. The Golden Frequency puts together these lost parts of the DNA and place them in correct order. It also activates the quenched parts of our DNA.

Currently, we have access to some of the codes in The Golden Frequency. More of the codes will become available to us with time, when we are ready for it.

The programmed 5-33 crystals acts as receivers and containers for the codes of The Golden Frequency. They are upgraded automatically as more codes become available to us. The process is individual, so the energy transmission will be adjusted to each person.

The Golden Frequency is a very strong energy and not everyone is ready to receive it. The programmed crystals should be used in moderation!

Everybody does’t need or even should take part of this energy of the Ascension process. We are all different with separate needs. Feel what is right way for you.

Get your own 5-33 Crystal here.

Explanation of how the Golden Frequency changes your DNA

Briefly ”The Golden Frequency” comprises of many codes for the new DNA strands. These energy packs attaches to the DNA and are activated on a specific signal. Our DNA has already, so called, docking stations, where these energy packs dock. When you take part of The Golden Frequency, some of these energy packs are immediately attached to your DNA, while others are deferred until it is the accurate time to dock.

Upon activation, the codes in the energy packs are exposed and act as a template for new parts of the DNA to be incorporated in the old DNA.

Down below is a brief explanation, with some simple sketches, of how the codes in The Golden Frequency modifies the DNA.

Also see the video below.

The DNA before the upgrade.

Energy packs with codes docked into docking stations on the existing DNA.

An enlarged image of the energy packs with codes.

When energy packs are first docked onto the DNA, the codes are not exposed.

Upon activation codes are exposed.

Our body renews itself constantly. When the body renews, the cells divides and replaces the dead cells.

Before the cells are divided, a copy of the DNA is created within the nucleus, and it is here that the permanent upgrading of the DNA can occur.

DNA splits before copying.

The old DNA and the new DNA.

The new codes are exposed.

(Because the new DNA is “stronger” and is dominant, the cells with the new DNA survives better than the cells with the old DNA)

The new DNA acts as a template.

New parts of the DNA are incorporated.

In the following video, Zoë explains The Golden Frequency and makes the first transfer.


There are also new “base pairs” that will be inserted into the DNA. The old DNA has four different base pairs that can be combined – Adenine (A), Cytosine (C), Guanine (G) and Thymine (T).

These will now have new friends. 🙂

 Zoë also believes that the codes of The Golden Frequency can be inserted into the DNA in other ways than explained above. This is an extremely sophisticated and advanced process, and this is just a small scratch on the surface of what’s about come.



When Zoë tones into the The Golden Frequency, all the codes form a long text of a very high energy or frequency. Her perception is that the energy is stored in a kind of “container” on a Mothership. Next to the “container” is a book about The Golden Frequency, a story about how the DNA should be integrated. Both the energy and this sacred text are kept under heavy guard in a higher realm.

The codes in the text, form an extraterrestrial language. After studying this for a while, Zoë could read out loud what it was. The language is actually a mixture of several extraterrestrial languages ​​and even “non-language” i.e., energy language.

These languages ​​form the basis of our language today. The mixture of languages ​​from different extraterrestrial civilizations means that there are many involved and that we should also come together at this time. An Union between the different civilizations, such as the Pleiades, Orion, Sirius, Andromeda, etc has been created and now it’s time we come together. Everyone is involved. We are all one.

The text is as well a guide and explains the order of the codes and where, when and how they should be activated. The text is similar to an assembly instruction booklet from IKEA with characters and numbers. Though slightly more complicated than the IKEA Billy bookcase. 😉

Zoë shares The Golden Frequency through programmed crystals, videos, recordings, and public workshops. Updates take place continuously .

Q & A


How is The Golden Frequency connected with the Codes of Atlantis?

Zoë: The Golden Frequency is a “separate” energy activation of the DNA but it uses the Golden Cosmic Network established by the activation of the Codes of Atlantis, for its rampage.

I recommend you to go through the activation of the Code of Atlantis, which you can do several times, and then take part of The Golden Frequency.

Can the programmed energy, The Golden Frequency, disappear from the crystal?

Zoë: No, the energy remains in the crystal. It is programmed as a vortex that goes around and around, in a so-called anchored open folder.

Can I let someone else hold or wear the crystal?

Zoë: I recommend that you do not let anyone else hold your programmed crystal. It is individually programmed just for you.

If you let someone else hold it, clean it thoroughly.

Also, the energy might be too strong for the person you let holding it.

Can or should I clean the programmed crystal?

Zoë: Yes, it is important to clean your crystal as quartz crystal absorbs energy from the surroundings, which may affect you.

Clean for example by allowing it to be in the freezer for 24 h or under running water. However, be careful not to expose the crystal jewel for too much water as the crystal parts are clued together.

For how long shall I use the crystal?

Zoë: I recommend you to start gently, about 20-30 min, and then slowly increase the time so you can wear the crystal throughout the day.

If you experience dizziness, nausea, heart palpitations, etc. I recommend you to put the crystal aside.

Take it easy. This energy is very strong!

What can the programmed crystal and The Golden Frequency do for me?

Zoë: The energy supports you in your ascension in many ways. You upgrade your DNA, which aims to eventually return to full consciousness.

The high energy supports you in transforming your “darkness”, your karma or your shadow sides. We’re going to be completely free of old karma. The energy simply supports your clean-up process.

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