For several years, the new Light Network (grid), which is an energy network around the whole earth, has been being built as a template for the new earth.

In part, it’s been built by Lightworkers with the help of new energies that have entered the planet.

In part, it’s in the Universe’s plan, and we have outside help to weave this new web with awareness, light and information for the new earth.

Energy is the template for the physical reality, and together, all of us lightworkers have built the foundation in order for the new earth to be born.

We have help of the original energy that we have innately and have brought with us from the stars as star seeds. With us, we have the knowledge, wisdom, energies and codes for the new, in our fundamental energy constitution. We have been, and are, wandering receivers of strong new energies that have been streaming into the earth for many, many years. We are here to anchor those energies, and we do that through ourselves.

That is our great mission.

In this way, we have built up the Light Network together. It is like a scaffold around which the new earth can build itself. The Light Network is a template for the new, and the physical reality conforms to it.

We all have an opportunity and a choice here. We can choose to tune in and live in/with the high vibrating energies in the new network—or not.

During the upcoming 21-Day healing we will connect to this common Global Golden Network.

Since 2014, we have filled this network with a DNA upgrading code called The Golden Frequency. In the network, we’ve placed a massive amount of awakening codes and other codes that activate and upgrade us to this new version of humanity.

The Golden Frequency is an energy that was hidden at the last fall of Atlantis, to be made available in our time. It’s one of many energies and codes that support the Ascension process.

My Twin Flame and I got the mission to take care of The Golden Frequency at the last fall of Atlantis, and I have shared it with you through free videos, healings and even the programmed Clear Quartz Crystal 533 necklace.

Please watch this video for more information on The Golden Frequency, including an energy transmission.

The codes in The Golden Frequency have been made available for us little by little since 2014. They have been stored in a well-guarded room on the ship and have been downloaded to the network and to those people who have chosen to accept them. During certain periods of this year, there have been downloads of new codes in The Golden Frequency. They have been downloaded to the network and to those who are connected to it.

All the codes in The Golden Frequency are now placed in the network and have been there since May 2020, and they are accessible to us.

However, the same goes as before—recipients of the codes get different codes in varying amounts depending on what the person is supposed to have right now and what they are able to take on. Because it’s very strong energy, it’s important that the person doesn’t get “overloaded” with too much of it. This downloading process is done completely automatically and for the highest good. 

The Golden frequency is one of the themes on the 21-Day healing schedule, and on Day 17 it will be shared with participants.

This entire process where, together, we connect to and join The Global Golden Light Network includes an enormous strengthening of the Light, both within us and together, that can then spread further to others.

An enormous transformation is taking place globally in this process we are experiencing together.

In this joint connection in the Light Network, great upgrades and cleansing occur, both individually and collectively.

This step takes place for 2 days during the 21-Day healing—Days 19 and 20.

In this interconnection we’re being given the opportunity to unite and go beyond our varying opinions about everything happening in our world today. We can see through our eyes of unconditional love and accept each other with our different points of view. There’s no reason to argue because the ego still wants to be right. We don’t need to convince anyone that my path is the right path or that my opinion is the right opinion.

We can choose love here – always.

Life gives us a free course that teaches us to practice being steady in our unconditional love, regardless of what others choose, think, do, etc.

By seeing the divine in everything and everyone, we make it easier for ourselves to navigate the ego, which always wants to interfere and be right.

We’re always invited to look for more love in every situation and every interaction with other people. Let your ego invite love in for a cup of warming, caringly prepared tea. Trust yourself to see and experience the true light and the true love in everything and everyone. 

This interconnection in The Golden Light Network, and further reinforcements, cleansing and upgrades that will happen during the 21-Day healing is a preparation for The Event.

Before The Event happens, the new Light Network that will encode the new world, will be disconnected from the old network. A new connection will be established in the physical realm so that this material transformation can take place with the help of the new codes.

During the 21-Day healing we will replace the old network with the new one.

When the energy wave or waves of The Event come to earth, the network will have been 100% established, so that the energy can come in and go where it needs to go, in a perfect way.

It seems that The Event will happen around December 21, 2020, but it isn’t anything we can prophesize. Everything depends on what we choose and how things develop. It’s important that everything happen in the exact right order.

The process of the old network being disconnected will physically manifest in the world through the fall of the old system, and already today we’re getting a taste of that.

By connecting together in this powerful Light Network, we can stand strong together when everything falls.

Please listen to the video below where I explain all this a bit more.

I’m excited to take this epic 21-Day healing together with all of you!

We start December 1, 2020 and Registration is open until November 25. Register HERE!

Much love,