Cosmic Language is not something that just popped into my consciousness out of nowhere. The language has a much longer history on earth and was used by the previous civilizations in our human history.

It was created with the intent to become a language spoken throughout the world, but it didn’t end up that way… However, once upon a time, it was commonly used as a communication tool between the people of the earth and our galactic neighbors.

I remember that we used to speak it on Atlantis, when we wanted to come in contact with our star sisters and brothers. Back then, we had a very strong and close contact with many different civilizations, like the Pleiadians and Sirians.

In Atlantis we had special Communication Towers that were used for the connection with our galactic friends. These towers had very large quartz crystals on the roofs that enhanced the telepathic signal. Similarly to a telephone you could direct the quartz crystal towards the different civilizations.

You would set the coordinates of the location for the civilization you wanted to speak to, in the same way as you set the frequency to the radio station you want to broadcast or dial a phone number to a friend.

There was one person who was responsible for each of these Communication Towers. They were called “Transcribers/Transcriptors” and they specialized in communication with galactic civilizations.

In a way you can compare their communication to channeling. It is very similar but it is a more direct type of communication. They then translated and forwarded the information they received to the High Priests and High Priestesses.

What kind of information did the transcriptor receive?

The transcriptor was given instructions to help further the development of the Atlantean civilization. 

These instructions could include matters like advanced technologies, knowledge about astronomy, wisdom, teachings and solutions to various societal problems. 

There was a lot of communication with our star friends just before the Atlantean civilization fell. We were given information on how to handle the dark infiltrating forces but unfortunately this was not enough.

It is this contact and communication tool that has returned to us now, as we are about to enter a New Era with a much more established contact with our Star friends.

If we dive deeper into the explanation of how the language is built, we can see that Cosmic Language is a mixture of the language spoken in Atlantis and the “language” of the Pleiadians, Orions and Sirians.

As you might know, these civilizations use telepathy to communicate but since we use spoken language, Cosmic Language was created for us to facilitate communication.

In this way Cosmic Language acts as a bridge between worlds, between our world and other worlds. Of course, our Star friends don’t need this tool, but for most of us humans we need a spoken language for the connection to be natural.

Cosmic Language is in many ways a simplified language, yet it is also very sophisticated and complex. Think of it as equivalent to the language Esperanto. You could say it is like a “Universal Esperanto”, that can be understood by many other civilizations, such as the Pleadians and the Agarthans.

Cosmic Language is a mixture of spoken language and translation of telepathic Light Codes. You can call Light Codes sounds, and the words are a translation of these codes so that they become more accessible to us.

It is not supposed to be fully understood by our intellect, but to be absorbed in the heart and the soul of the listener.

The reason why Cosmic Language is so important right now, is because it is a language to prepare us for First Contact.

At this time, before the first contact event takes place, we can start to establish a contact with them. This means that once they land we can use the language to create a more natural connection and communication with them. This will make us feel more safe to come in contact with them.

So please pass on this information to your family and friends, and share these blogs and videos with others. The more people who know about this, the closer we are getting to First Contact.

I speak more in-depth about the History of Cosmic Language in the video below.

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Much Love and Stardust,