The Reconnection®

Are you ready for a big change?

Want to get ahead on your life path?

Looking for your purpose?

The Reconnection is one of the most beautiful gifts you can give yourself when you reconnect to the divine and to your higher purpose, your life path.

If you are ready for a big change, a quantum leap in your personal and spiritual development, Zoë highly recommend you to do The Reconnection®. It gives you the opportunity to reach your highest potential and to develop optimally and also faster, than previously possible.

A major change

Many clients tell us that new and exciting doors open to them, that things fall into place, and also an acceleration in the synchronicity in their lives.

The Reconnection is by far the absolute best investment Zoe has done for herself. Her life changed completely and was lead to the right track. For Zoe, it has felt like having a pressure washer in the back that pushed her in the right direction, towards the right people, places, circumstances and challenges.

So it is with enormous joy Zoë offers others to do The Reconnection®!

Absolutely amazingly magic!

The Reconnection®…


¤ …is only done one time in life.

¤ …connects you to your life path, your purpose in life.

¤ …reconnects the body’s meridians and the network of energy lines on and around our planet..

¤ ..brings healing to the world.

Background and Explanation

Originally the meridian lines, sometimes called acupuncture lines, on our bodies linked to the network that surrounds our planet and intersect at acknowledged power points as Machu Picchu and Sedona. These lines continued out and connected us together into an enormous network that connects us with the entire Universe. At a point in time we became disconnected from these lines and we lost the fullness of our inherited connection to the Universe, which distanced, separated us from our prior fast and expansive evolution. We “lost” our access to the higher frequencies of energy from the Universe.

Our bodies have their own network of energies and points. Although only remnants of what they once were, these lines and points continue to serve as our interface with the universe. A channel that facilitates our communication of energy, light and information between large and small, macrocosm and microcosm, the universe and humankind. But the powerful link, we once had, is no longer there.

The Reconnection provide access to “new” axiatonal lines that reconnect us on a more powerful and evolved level than ever before. The axiatonal lines are part of a network of ageless intelligence. A parallel – dimensional system that draws the basic energy for the renewal functions to the human body.

These lines act as a bridge to the universal network and through The Reconnection “new” axiatonal lines are activated. Thereby allowing change – beyond energy – of light and information, and allowing the reconnection of DNA strands and the reintegration of “strings” (simultaneously occurring – or parallel – levels of existence).

It is said that we previously had 12 (!) DNA strands, not just the double helix we have today, and that these were connected and activated. We used our entire brain capacity and was also linked to our origins (God, the Universe, the Source or whatever you want to call it). At some time in our history, for about 300 000 years ago (!), our DNA, for some reason, split and so we parted from our greatness. It is the reconstruction of these 12 DNA strands and the regain of our highest potential that The Reconnection brings.

If you are interested to know more about this, please read Barbara Marciniak’s books on Earth as the cosmic library.


Welcome to reconnect yourself


“Thank you my angel. You help me so much with your energy and the information you receive. It feels good and I have changed to the better.”

Mats Andersson, Trelleborg


“Greatful that you became my healer, an incredibly powerful experience!”

Anna Hedlund, Vaxjo


“I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful healing you gave me. I am so incredibly grateful that our paths crossed. I feel so much better, a completely different feeling in my body. Now there is a new strength o force. Thanks for the “divine reading”. Our session was absolutely wonderful, fantastic and magical, I am so grateful for all the help I receive from you on my journey. You’re doing Miracles of Love!”

Torborg Marklund, Sundsvall


“i just want to say that this was the most powerful, deep and wonderful healing session I have ever experienced, was in Sweden this summer with Zoë. She was channeling at the same time as she untied emotional knots and blockages. I give her my warmest recommendations. She is well worth the money.”

Mariel Kvaale, Oslo

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A Reconnection costs 333euro or 333USD, depending on where you are.

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The session does not treat specific ailments, diseases or health problems, but aims to restore balance on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Therefore, Zoë does not make any promises, guarantees, and/or assurances concerning specific healing results or recovery, from the session. Zoë discourages you to stop taking any medication or other medical treatments without your doctor’s recommendation. Zoë is not a doctor and you are solely responsible for your own medical care.