I always forget that I do the 21-Day Healing Program before the participants.

Every time, I’m always surprised when I begin to experience the strangest and strongest things about two months before the start of the process.

In February this year, shortly after I received some very sad news about my Twin Flame, I lay down to rest for a while in the afternoon.

After a tough week, I felt quite drained and needed to take a break. I lay down with the intention to rest for about an hour. I was totally out in no time at all…

When I woke up, it had gotten dark outside, and I understood that I must have been asleep for a long time. I was still in a deeply relaxed state, almost as if I had woken up during deep sleep. I WAS COMPLETELY OUT OF IT!

In a foggy state, I heard the words “The Deep Rest, The Deep Rest….” repeated a number of times. Somewhere deep inside me a light bulb went off… I recognized those words… but where had I heard them?

It took a while before the penny dropped. The Deep Rest is one of the days during the 21-Day process. Okay, so I realized that I’m undergoing the upcoming 21 days of healing with the theme Deep Trust.

Still completely out of it, I could barely move. I reached to turn on the light and look at the clock… and realized that I had slept like a log for THREE HOURS!

Oh shit, I’ve fallen asleep! My Twin Flame and I were supposed to call each other two hours ago! After a while I tried to sit up and go downstairs to get the cell phone. He had rightly wondered where I was, and had tried to call me on all my phones.

I tried to come to some kind of consciousness, but realized that I was not able to talk. I phoned and tried to get across that I had been asleep, but I couldn’t have a conversation at all. I was completely out of it. He just laughed and said we would talk tomorrow instead.

This Valium energy that had been injected into me during my deep rest was so noticeably strong and incredibly soothing.

It lasted at least a day. It was so incredibly pleasant and soothing to me in the tough situation I had ended up in. I felt so held, in everything. But, the energy did not provide any immediate productive result… ha ha ha! I just surrendered and cuddled into this lovely energy.

At the end of the introduction video below, you get to partake of the energies for this round of 21 days.

Many of you have given feedback and said the same thing: that you all felt so calm.

Watch the video below.

In love,