This weekend I visited the famous psychic Marina Munk’s home and carried out various light missions. My attraction to her was very strong. I just felt that it was important! So, I followed my calling … 
And it turned out to be quite right … I had some of my strongest experiences ever. 
We were invited to the inner earth – Agartha … energy-wise. There, a “brother” met me and he stretched out his hand and I kept it for a while so I could feel his frequency. It was very strong, but not too far from mine. Not different at all. More like a powerful vibrating love energy, more distinct, and very hot. 
Then I was sent to a golden temple and had the opportunity to linger around there in the big halls. 
On a later occasion, I was invited again to visit Agartha and this time I was “invited” for dinner with a family. We sat on their terraces surrounded by hanging plants and they greeted me with such warm love. So nice! During that visit in the inner earth, I was in another temple. It was on a plateau and was completely white. Soo beautiful and high-vibrant! The light mission that felt most urgent and which was the reason why I came to Marina, was to assist in establishing the new (13th) Universe, i.e. “containing” the new earth. From the crown chakra, it emerged energy wires into the new Universe, which was the same white hole (wormhole) that I drove the Mother’s Ship to in September, see previous posts. This time I also had to go in there … As I came to the edge of the “portal” into the new, Jesus came and greeted me, took my hand and led me across the threshold into the new one. I was then shown “The New Earth” and it was just so beautiful!! The sky was clear blue, and nature felt like crystalline. An incredibly clean and clear energy!! Then I learned how to work with healing using rocks of different colors (none as I have seen here). I got to work with the mineral intelligence the stones hold. I placed the rocks above a person (in the air) in different positions, like to calibrate the energy system, it was like tuning an instrument. I moved the rocks around, above the person and at the same time created different tones. I felt a bit like Jean-Michel Jarre … hi hi hi … I really look forward to living in the new!! 🙂
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