The moment the clock struck midnight on New Year’s Eve, a massive relief washed over me.

The collective energy completely changed, the struggle was released, and I strongly felt that 2022 will be a year of flow, joy and ease. 

Finally, new doors have opened to manifest a whole new world in Sovereign Freedom. 

Many of us can remember when this world went into a period of limitations. When we agreed to be part of an experiment many thousands of years ago.

What happens when man has access only to a limited part of his consciousness?
What happens when man experiences himself as disconnected from the divine source?

Now we have the results in hand. The gift of ‘free will’ allowed mankind to create freely and through our limited consciousness, a wounded world was created.

It’s wonderful to see that this world is now removing itself from this era of unconsciousness and disconnection and into a glorious new timeline.

I enjoy watching the world wake up and break free from slavery. I love to witness people discover their divine glory and stand firmly in the service of the light. We are all helping to liberate this world and ourselves from the period of darkness.

Many people will experience this process as both challenging and completely magical. 

I know many carry a deep conviction—an inner knowing—that we belong to another world. That we have another origin. That we are so much more powerful than we’ve been programmed to believe.

There’s so much that we still can’t remember about our true history and our remarkable abilities.

During the past year, I have had a dizzying feeling about the recollection of memories from long-forgotten paradise worlds. These civilizations exist ‘just around the corner’ and we share strong family bonds with these advanced people.

Will we reunite with them soon?

The more we are able to raise our frequency, the more access we have to these ‘other worlds’. With each step we take in the Ascension, new high-frequency beings become visible to us and new worlds open up.

When we choose to incarnate on earth, we also agree to the collective contracts that apply to 3D. We have chosen to experience ourselves as limited, but it’s finally time to free ourselves! It is incredible that we now have an opportunity to leave ALL old programming behind.

Since the beginning of the year, I have consistently felt a strong conviction that I am free. That We are free! This feeling of freedom manifests itself in the physical reality more and more each day.

I am really enjoying this liberation process and I hope that you, like me, are experiencing a wonderful lightness in your body!

In this video, I speak about the programs that we have adopted on our journey into the third dimension. We can now leave these programs behind in order to move into a multidimensional experience.

Much love,