Programs with Zoë

Programs with Zoë

All of Zoë´s programs are designed to help you find your inner power, so you can live your highest potential. Zoë gives you the opportunity to get in contact with your spirit guide to develop your psychic abilities. She shares the magic of Be an Attractive Magnet™ so you can become the master creator of your own life. Zoë shares the codes to upgrade your DNA och teaches the crystal technology that was used in Atlantis, in Atlantean Crystal Technology. She explains the ascension process and supports you to stand in your own powerful light.

All programs, meditations and exercises are available online!

21-Day Healing Program

A transformational healing journey

For 21 days you will receive daily healing sessions at home. Zoë works with purifying, strengthening, balancing and upgrading your energy by using high frequencies.

This journey is for you who wants a big change, on all levels – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and energetically.

If you wish to clean your mind, get assistance to strengthen your physical health, clearing old karma and raise your energy and frequency, you are welcome to be part of this transformative rebirth.

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5-Day Healing Program

Energy Boost with the Angels

Join Zoë on a 5-Day deep healing journey, where Zoë is working with gentle and calm energies from the angelic realms, bringing a feeling of lightness.

It will be a process, where we’ll anchor and embody the powerful energies in your energy system, allowing the strong energies to go deep into your physical body.

The Energy Boost is meant to support and help you exactly where you are right now in your life.

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Cosmic Language

Light Codes for Ascension

Cosmic Language consists of energy codes, a channeled form of Sacred Geometry that exists in words and sounds. The light codes function as support during the Ascension by activating and opening up new energy channels through, which new information is transmitted.

Cosmic Language acts as a link between us and our Star Sisters and Brothers from other planets to open us up for a closer connection.

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DNA Activations

Receive the hidden codes of Antlantis

Zoë offers several DNA activations, which both activate and upgrade your DNA. She shares codes that have been hidden since the last fall of Atlantis, 13-14000 years ago.

These codes act as a support in the Ascension process and consists of “The Light Key”“The Codes of Atlantis” and “The Golden Frequency”.

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Soul Vibration Marketing™

Boost your Business

Magical energy techniques from the concept Be an Attractive Magnet™ help entrepreneurs and businesses to maximize their success using their soul´s vibration as a marketing tool.

Use Soul Vibration Marketing™ to:

  • Create your unique energy brand through your heart.
  • Charge your products and services with your soul´s vibration.
  • Easily draw clients and customers to your business.
  • Attract successful business partners and co-workers.

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Be an Attractive Magnet™

Quantum leap The Law of Attraction

Zoë has created the unique concept Be an Attractive Magnet™ together with her Spirit guide and other entities in 2009. It is a deep and super powerful energy work that makes the users quantum leap their success with the Law of Attraction to a level of super-manifestation. It contains energy clearings to remove blocks to avoid unwanted results and many energy techniques to amplify the energy of attraction to the maximum.

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Atlantean Crystal Technology™

Advanced Crystal Programming from Atlantis

A unique course where Zoë shares recent information on the use of crystals in Atlantis, eg. crystal programming, the anatomy of crystals, telepathy, healing, energy transmission.

During the full-day workshop you will learn how to create a relationship with the crystals and to communicate with them. You get an insight in the advanced crystal technology used in Atlantis and you will learn how to program your own crystal.

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Light Gatherings

Support in the Ascension Light

A series of workshops about the Ascension process, where you will gain more clarity and feel supported. Zoë shares her experience and information regarding the exciting times of big changes we now face.

Light Gatherings are a series of workshops that includes strengthening exercises, energy transmissions and DNA activations.

Currently, the workshops are only in Swedish.

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Intuition & Mediumship

Activate your Psychic abilities

The educational program, “Zoë’s Psychic School in the New Era”, is a popular mediumship training, where you learn to develop your psychic abilities. Zoë teaches different psychic techniques and gives powerful activations, eg. activation of your third eye, your energetic system (mostly the palms) as well as establishing energetic connections to different spiritual realms.

For more information on the whole program click below. As for now only in Swedish.

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Energize yourself for a healthier life

Kundaliniyoga is a fantastic way to get in touch with your innermost strength, peace, joy and your own truth. Zoë offers yoga classes for companies and at festivals.

Zoë is a certified kundaliniyoga and meditation teacher. Her teachers has been Guru Dharam Singh, Göran Boll, Viveka Pasquier, Guru Dass Khalsa, Ram Singh and Karta Purkh Singh.

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